For insurance, iPad holds endless benefits.

AIA China is a major provider of life insurance in Asia. They offer financial services, accident and health insurance, life insurance for people and companies, and retirement planning and wealth management assistance. And they serve customers at every age, whether younger and planning for the future or older and navigating health concerns. Across China, they’re taking an only-Apple approach to shape the future of insurance with more than 16 custom apps supporting all aspects of agents’ and agent leaders’ daily work, from sales, services, recruiting, and training to client and agent management.

At a glance

100%Agents using iPad
16+Custom apps

iPad helps prepare for the unexpected.
Apple devices help agents prepare families for challenges at different life stages.

Client and Agent Management

Designing for better performance.

Sales and Services

Custom apps do the talking.

Recruiting and Training

Custom apps go beyond the job description.

Only with Apple

Built-in Security

Key built-in security features of iOS, like Touch ID and Face ID, make it easy for agents to secure every device. And iOS app sandboxing technology stores and protects customers’ data.

Custom Apps

Apple provides everything businesses need to develop custom apps. And AIA China follows a user-centric design approach to ensure that they run seamlessly. Together, agents, agent leaders, and business owners attend design workshops to give instant and constant feedback regarding actual user case scenarios.


iPadOS. A plan for the future.

An average of 10 days saved on policy issuances.

An increase in NPS and CES, leading the market in customer satisfaction.

26% increase in recruitment talent conversion.

Significant cost savings on training, recruiting, operations, and administrative expenses.

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