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Powering change
with Mac.

Zoho Corp. is a global software company headquartered in India that creates a suite of software products to help businesses work better. A billion-dollar-revenue company operating around the world, Zoho Corp. has a mission to invest in and support local economies and communities through workforce development and locating corporate offices in rural areas and small towns. Part of this investment is providing their employees with the best tools, like Mac and iPhone.

At a glance

100Million plus Users globally
65%Employees choose Mac
50%Fewer support requests
for Mac than for PC

Building apps locally.
Empowering businesses globally.


Working at the speed of Apple silicon.


Secure from the start.

Built-in security features on Mac like FileVault and Touch ID keep company and employee data safe. This simplifies device configuration and reduces the need for third‑party add‑ons.


Smooth scaling for IT.

Apple technology helps Zoho Corp. run its device management solution to streamline deployment. IT reports 50 percent fewer support requests for Mac than for PC.


Design. Render. Create. Across Mac and iPad.


with purpose.

Zoho Corp. retains employees by offering them a culture of innovation and the ability to choose their own devices.

Apple products are compatible with the best developer tools to create apps that are used all over the world.

Apple silicon increases Zoho Corp.’s energy efficiency and reduces the company’s overall power consumption.

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