Get started, go further, or stay ahead.

Wherever you are in the process of incorporating Apple products into your business, we have tools and resources to help you get set up, create a mobile strategy, design and develop custom apps, and deploy and manage our devices in your workforce.

Get the Enterprise Blueprint on iBooks

Start with the basics.

Find out how to use iPhone, iPad, and Mac at work and how to get up and running on your network. Then explore basic business apps for everyday tasks and get support for employees who need help with their devices.

Get connected.

Connect iPhone, iPad, and Mac to your network, VPN, and services like Microsoft Exchange.

iOS Deployment Overview (PDF)

Setting up VPN on iOS and macOS

Connecting iOS to Microsoft Exchange

Connecting macOS to Microsoft Exchange

Explore business apps.

Browse over 230,000 business apps on the App Store and learn how to deploy them on your employees’ devices.

Apps in Business Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Explore business apps on iTunes

Buy apps and books in volume

Plan your mobile strategy.

Regardless of your organization’s size, resources, or culture, these tips will help you create a successful mobile plan.

Think about your employees.

A strong mobile strategy doesn’t just tweak an existing system. It’s designed around the person using it to create better solutions.

See examples of what other customers have done

Hear how Schindler got started with its mobile strategy

Set up your team.

Bring in talent that will provide fresh thinking and set up a space that fosters innovation.

DVAG shares advice on getting buy-in from leadership

Hear British Airways talk about involving the right people

Get help from partners.

When you’re ready to apply your solution to scale, work with one of our partners to realize your vision.

Get help from Deloitte by assessing priorities through EnterpriseNext

Work with IBM to build custom iOS apps

Equip IT to enable everyone.

Apple devices are simple to manage on corporate networks, so IT can focus on making employees’ lives easier.

Build the right foundation.

Set up the right environment using best practices for security, deployment, networking, and other infrastructure.

iOS Security Paper (PDF)

iOS Deployment Reference

macOS Deployment Reference

Best practices from Cisco on networking (PDF)

Apple and Cisco Tech Talks

Implement a modern IT strategy.

Assemble a progressive IT team that takes a user-centric approach to deploying devices and managing data.

iOS Lifecycle Management (PDF)

Hear how SKF approached device management

Managing Devices and Corporate Data on iOS (PDF)

Learn more about privacy

Utilize Apple programs.

Learn how Apple programs make it easy to deploy devices and distribute content and apps to employees.

Device Enrollment Program

Volume Purchase Program

Developer Enterprise Program

Custom B2B Apps

Design and develop the best apps.

We have lots of tools to help you design and build the best apps for business.

Take advantage of Swift.

See how Swift — our intuitive, open source programming language — enables anyone with an idea to create something amazing.

Learn more about Swift in enterprise

See how IBM is utilizing Swift in the cloud

Leverage our partners.

Learn how your developers can benefit from IBM’s consulting services and SAP’s Swift SDK for iOS.

Learn more about IBM’s app consulting services

Learn about the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS