[Mechanical whirring]

  • Titles: Northern Flicker featuring Ian MacKay.
  • A rocky beach and forest-covered foothills. Origami cranes hang in a window. Ian indoors.

[Music playing]

He reclines and gazes at botanical posters thumbtacked to a ceiling.

Ian narrating: I am a strong believer that nature is one of the best medicines.

[Music playing]

Ian in a motorized wheelchair. He boards a ferry and looks out onto calm waters under a cloudy sky.

Ian: Hey, Siri. FaceTime Todd Stabelfeldt.

FaceTime on an armrest-mounted iPhone.

[FaceTime ringing]

Ian: Hey, T. What's up, man?

Todd: What's going on, dude? Where are you at?

Ian moves along a forest trail.

Ian narrating: My favourite thing is just the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

[Music playing]

Green ferns, shrubs and moss-covered logs line the trail. Ian approaches a silvery waterfall.

[Water rushing]

He reclines, angling his armrest-mounted iPhone toward the rushing waters. Ian moves his lower lip against two switches mounted in front of his mouth to use Switch Control on the Camera app.


[Shutter snaps]

He takes a photo.

[Music playing]

Ian continues along the trail, a small figure dwarfed by tall trees. He stops and gazes up at a sparse grove of tall trees against a grey sky. Then, juxtaposed with him looking at a ceiling, the camera cuts to him looking back at the sky.

[Bird calls]

Ian: Hey, Siri. Play Northern flicker.

Siri processes the request.

Siri: Northern flicker.

[Digital bird call]

[Music playing]

[Bird call]

Ian studies the dense woods and raises his eyebrows. As bird in wild responds, he raises his eyebrows and smiles.

  • Titles: Designed for Ian M. Designed for everyone.
  • A white Apple logo against a black background.


Carlos narrating: At first, my motivation was proving people wrong.

Heavy-metal CDs line Carlos’s bedroom wall.

VoiceOver: Accessibility. Vision. VoiceOver on.

Carlos, a long-haired man, uses an iPhone.

VoiceOver: Button. Scheduled arriving. Second location.

Carlos uses the Uber app on his iPhone to schedule a ride.

Carlos narrating: We don't want our first album to sound like a local band.


He drums on a drum pad.

VoiceOver: ETA 10 minutes.

Carlos narrating: We wanted our first album to sound like a professional band that's been doing it for years.

He unfolds a white cane and continues to use the Uber app on his iPhone.

VoiceOver: Requesting a ride and connecting to nearby drivers. Finding a ride.


Carlos narrating: We're called Distartica, and we play heavy metal.

In a living room, Carlos plays the drums and rehearses with two long-haired guitarists.

["In Flames We Rise" by Distartica]

  • Titles: In Flames We Rise featuring Carlos Vasquez.
  • Carlos is a passenger in a car.

Siri: Turn left onto Empanada Drive.

Man: [Laughs] Empanada.

Carlos: Empanada Drive?

Man: That makes me hungry.


Carlos: I ended up becoming the PR manager in the band.

Carlos uses his iPhone.

Carlos: I didn't get what it was before, then I was like, oh, dude. Like, hashtag why? Like, what? Hashtag metal, hashtag new music or, you know, in this case, like, hashtag, like, debut album.

["In Flames We Rise" by Distartica]

The band practises in a living room. The two guitarists headbang, and Carlos plays the drums.

VoiceOver: Messages. ReverbNation.

He uses the Reverb Nation app on his iPhone.

VoiceOver: Double-tap to open. Text field. Dictate.


Carlos: Album will be dropping worldwide on April 14th, comma, 2017, exclamation mark. Follow our ReverbNation page, period.


VoiceOver: Done. Successfully shared.

["The Cybernetic Eye" by Distartica]

Carlos smiles, and the band resumes rehearsing. He drums intensely, his long hair falling forward. He leans into a microphone and sings. The two guitarists headbang in unison, their long hair flying.

Titles: Designed for Carlos V. Designed for everyone.

A white Apple logo against a black background.


Patrick sits at a home recording studio, speaking into a microphone.

Patrick: This is the station to rock you, shock you, move you and groove you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My name is Patrick Lafayette. Don't you ever forget. It's ChrisMix Radio, Patrick with you.

[Reggae music playing]

Patrick tunes a guitar as titles appear: Like a Volcano, featuring Patrick Lafayette.

Patrick sits at an open MacBook Pro.

Patrick narrating: To do something for yourself...

VoiceOver: VoiceOver on Logic Pro X.

Patrick narrating: one of the greatest things you could ever do.

VoiceOver: Record. Menu, 10 items. Count in. Submenu. Metronome setting. Checkmark. Allow quick punch in. Checkmark.

Patrick navigates a Logic recording session.

Patrick narrating: Now, I can express myself.

He rinses peeled shrimp under a faucet. He holds up an iPhone running Tap Tap See app.

VoiceOver: Camera. Picture two in progress.

Patrick: There you go.

VoiceOver: Picture one is citrus-printed plastic bottle.

Patrick narrating: It's a big thing when you're a father and you want to participate.

Patrick digs through his spice cabinet.

VoiceOver: Picture three is garlic powder.

[Patrick laughs]

VoiceOver: Picture three is person holding white onions.

Patrick’s family enters the kitchen.

Girl: Hi, Daddy.

Patrick: What's up, baby?

The family serves themselves shrimp and rice and sit down to eat together.

Patrick narrating: Not just make food, but make excellent food, where I see my wife take her shoes off and say, "Give me some more!” [Patrick laughs]

And my kids lick their chops. They say, “Daddy, that was great."

[All laughing]

Patrick narrating: I have so much that I've always wanted to express. I'm like a volcano. I'm like Pelée or Mount Etna.

Patrick is back at his laptop, working in Logic Pro X.

VoiceOver: Arm the track for recording.

Patrick narrating: I'm about ready to erupt!

Wearing headphones, Patrick dances to a Logic session as titles appear.

[Patrick laughs]

Titles: Designed for Patrick L. Designed for everyone.

A white Apple logo against a black background.


[Wheels rolling]

Andrea narrating: I have a huge responsibility to be out in the world.

[Music playing]

Wearing a black jacket, Andrea Dalzell propels herself a wheelchair toward the end of a tunnel.

Titles: Roll With the Punches featuring Andrea Dalzell.

Man: Twenty more seconds, just like that. Twenty more.

Andrea works out in a gym, sparring with her trainer.

Andrea narrating: There's some other little girl who's out there who doesn't see a teacher, who doesn't see her doctors looking like her.

Andrea finishes hitting training mitts, then checks her Apple Watch.

Andrea: I completed all my rings today, OK? Can I just — I mean, I did, look!

Andrea shows her Activity rings to her trainer.

Outside, she propels down a paved path.

Andrea narrating: How is she supposed to feel accepted or beautiful if she doesn't see someone like her?

Andrea continues exercising, joined by a friend, then checks Workout data on her Apple Watch.

Andrea narrating: I have to do my part here.

In silhouette, Andrea moves into a dark tunnel.

Titles: Designed for Andrea D. Designed for everyone.

A white Apple logo against a black background.


[Students chattering]

Shane in a school hallway.

Shane: Go to class.

A student gives her a hug.

Shane: Good morning, Asia.

She greets two girls. Students in a band room.

Shane: Get your instruments, have a seat.

[Instruments warming up]

A student holds a tuba. Others play a flute and a clarinet.

Shane: Now, are you going to be able to play today or what?

A student hits a snare drum.

Shane: All right, guys. Ready to try it?

Shane stands on a podium.

Shane: Let’s try it. Clarinets, you're up!

[Clarinets play quietly]

An iPhone is synced to "Shane Hearing Aids.” Shane adjusts her hair, revealing a hearing device. She changes the preset from Normal to Music.

[Volume increases]

Shane: Clarinets, ready?

[Clarinets play]

Shane turns up the "Hearing Device Mic Volume" on her iPhone.

[Volume increases]

She holds a conductor's baton and sweeps her arms upward.

Shane: Breathe.

[Music playing]

  • Titles: Crescendo featuring Shane Rakowski.
  • Shane conducts the band, moving her arms in broad, sweeping gestures. Trophies line a shelf behind her.

Shane narrating: I love seeing the "I got it" face. When they understand and get something, you can actually see it in their faces. And that encourages me to do more.

[Music playing]

A girl plays a flute. Shane sweeps her arms downward and makes two fists, mid-air.

Shane: Clean music joke. Howard, go!

Shane narrating: We tend to joke around in the classroom. I think that’s part of teaching. Let them see that you're human.

Student: Take notes!

Shane: I said a joke, not two words. Sit down.

Student: No, it's a joke!

The boy smiles and waves his hand. Shane plays a clarinet.

Shane: That was not the best, was it?

Shane narrating: For homework, the students record themselves playing.

A girl with a clarinet shuts a door.

[Clarinet playing]

She uses an iPad to record herself playing.

Shane narrating: I can stream the music from the iPad into my hearing aids and actually it sounds like they're right next to me. So I can grade it right then and there.

Shane uses an iPad.

[Instruments playing]

She teaches students in the band room.

Shane narrating: Band is a family. Once you walk in these doors, it doesn't matter where you come from, you're accepted.

Shane: Crescendo!

[Instruments playing]

Titles: Designed for Shane R. Designed for everyone.

Shane: Half notes. Crescendo! And that'll be a dramatic pause there. One.

[Instruments playing]

A white Apple logo against a black background.

Shane: One.

[Music playing]



A family peers into a photo album.

Woman: Oh, look! Yes.

Meera: Yeah, yeah.

Text is entered into an iPad.

Digital Voice from iPad: Remember when Mama taught me to cook a casserole?

Woman: Oh, gosh!

Meera: Yeah.


[Music playing]

Now, a soccer match starts as titles appear: Girl Talk, featuring Meera P.

Digital Voice narrating: Before, people talked about me, not to me.

Meera controls the ball with her feet.

Digital Voice narrating: People now know I have a lot to say.

Meera takes a shot.

Meera scores and a teammate congratulates her.

[Girls cheering]

Now, she sits with teammates and an iPad.

Girl: Where's another place you've been?

Meera taps her answer on the iPad.

Digital Voice: Alaska.

Girl: Wow.


Girls: Go, Violet!

Girl: We have a good team this year.

Digital Voice: They are awesome.

Now, the family eats in a restaurant. Meera taps on her iPad.

Digital Voice: I would like to order iced tea, chips.

The food arrives and Meera digs in.

Woman: You've got to stay fresh, right? [Laughs]

Digital Voice: Why did the cow cross the road?

Woman: Why did the — Why did the cow cross the road? I don't know!

Digital Voice: To get to the moo-vies.

Woman: [Laughs] Oh!

Meera points and laughs.

Titles: Designed for Meera P. Designed for everyone.

A white Apple logo against a black background.


Siri: You're Todd, but since we're friends, I get to call you Quadfather.

[Music playing]

Titles: The Quadfather featuring Todd Stabelfeldt. Todd in a wheelchair with a mounted iPhone.

Todd: Hey, Siri, unlock the front door.

A smartlock turns.

[Mechanical whirring]

Siri: OK, the front door is unlocked.

He moves toward the door. A black and brown dog trots ahead.


Todd: Let's go, girl.

He enters his home and moves past a dining table.

[Music playing]

Todd narrating: We all got a pen, man. We all writin' it down, we puttin' out the chapters. So what's this story about?

Todd: Hey, Siri, set Business Time.

Todd narrating: I refuse for this story to be a bad read.

Todd: Hey, Siri, play dinner playlist. Have you tried any of this?

Woman: No. Is it bueno?

The woman cuts lemon slices.

Todd: It is delish. I like the jam.

[Doorbell rings]

I think somebody's here.

Todd approaches the door.

Todd narrating: Dude, you're going to see tonight, man, you've got a whole group of mugs up in the room.

Todd: We got people!

Todd narrating: We all different. You know, ventilators poppin' off and sip-and-puff drivers.

Todd's friends in a dining room.

Man: All right, we're going to gather around the TV so you can give us a demonstration.

Todd: Yeah, please, thank you. I love this. It's so good. Act normal. Now what's really dope show about those lights — watch this. Hey, Siri, dining table lights 25 percent.

[Siri tone]

Siri: You got it, Quadfather.

Ceiling lights dim.

Todd: That's how you do it, like that.


Friends serve themselves from a buffet.

Todd narrating: I feel like it's my job and my responsibility to go down to the valley and to hang with that brother that's in that space.

[Music playing]

Todd and his friends gather around a dining table.

That's just the way you do story, you interact with others and you learn from others. And I think that's really, really righteous.

Todd uses Switch Control on his iPhone.

Titles: Designed for Todd S. Designed for everyone.

A white Apple logo against a black background.

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