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Learning to code and
building skills for tomorrow.

Educators around the world share the many ways their students benefit from learning to code, no matter what career they pursue. Apple’s free coding resources available in the Apple Education Community hub make it fun and easy for both teachers and students to get started with iPad and Swift Playgrounds — while building creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Watch the video above to learn more.

Layton Primary, United Kingdom

Confidence through coding.

Deputy Head Teacher Claire Jones believes that coding helps build transferrable skills like critical thinking and collaboration, opening up a world of possibilities for students.

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Kansai University Elementary, Japan

Awakening the power to create.

By teaching his students the language of Swift, educator Rikito Hori is giving them the tools to express their ideas and bring them to life.

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École L’Arpège, Canada

Building the skills to thrive.

Through coding, François Lake knows his students are gaining important foundational skills for the future, from problem solving to team collaboration.

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Colegio Washington, Mexico

Lessons for the future.

Diana Macías loves how Swift Playgrounds helps build her students’ critical-thinking skills in a way that’s fun and engaging — while also teaching math reasoning, teamwork, and more.

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California Elementary, United States

Seeing the world in a new way.

Using Swift Playgrounds, Dahlya Resendez’s students learn to persevere past their frustrations, actively testing and trying new things until they find the right solution.

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Teach code.
No experience necessary.

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