What’s the best way to buy an iPhone?

There are lots of great options for purchasing an iPhone. Whether you buy from Apple, a carrier, or another retailer, finding the best option for you really comes down to a few simple questions. Let’s break it down.

Do you prefer to pay all at once or over time?

Reasons to pay all at once

  • One payment and you’re done.
  • You can choose your carrier and switch at any time.
  • You can upgrade whenever you want, without having to pay off a balance.

Reasons to pay over time

  • You pay in installments, often with 0% interest and no money down.
  • You can choose a payment plan that works for you.
  • There are many plans that let you upgrade to a new iPhone every year.

Do you have a smartphone to trade in?

With Apple and some carriers, you can get a credit of up to $290 per device to use toward the purchase of a new iPhone.* So you’ll save money whether you pay all at once or over time.

Learn more about trading in with Apple GiveBack

Do you want a simple way to get a new iPhone every year?

Apple and many carriers offer convenient plans that make it easy for you to get a new iPhone every year.

Learn more about Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program

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