iWork for iCloud. You’ve got a new place to work. Right in your browser.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are the best way to be productive on a Mac or iOS device. Now we’ve brought that productivity to the web — on Mac and PC. The apps make it incredibly easy to work together with people everywhere. And since it’s all powered by iCloud, your documents are always up to date on each of your devices.

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Share and collaborate. Now multiple people can really work as one.

Share document links with others instead of sending out lots of separate attachments. Then make instant progress by editing together in real time. See who’s in the document and follow their cursor as they make edits alongside you. You’ve never had a closer working relationship. With people so far away.

Pages for iCloud. Now everyone can write beautifully.

Create great-looking letters, reports, flyers, and more in your browser — using the power of Pages for iCloud. Go ahead and think big. Whether you’re wrapping text around an image or editing a document you imported from Microsoft Word, Pages responds so quickly and fluidly that you may forget you’re working on the web.

You can drag an object anywhere on the page and see your text automatically wrap around it. Impressive with a desktop app. Amazing on the web.

Get off to a brilliant start.

Apple‑designed templates help your brochures, resumes, invitations, and other documents look professional from the start. The fonts, colors, and backgrounds in each template are perfectly coordinated. Just add your own words and drop photos or graphics over the placeholders. Want to edit documents you have on your other devices? Pages for iCloud lets you do that, too. No matter how you begin, it works so well it’s hard to believe you’re doing it all in a browser.

Powerful editing. Made simple.

Pages is a powerful word processor. So be ambitious. Editing a document with multiple columns, headers, and footers is a breeze. You can automatically format a list with bullets, numbers, or characters. You can easily drag in images and drop in shapes to add eye‑catching visuals. And if you change your mind, it’s always good to know you can use Undo and Redo.

Easy formatting to shape your story.

Right in your browser, Pages gives you all the easy‑to‑use formatting tools you need to make your documents look just the way you imagined. Try one of the preset styles, or change things up with your own ideas. You can apply different paragraph styles. Change fonts. Adjust the size and color of text. Using powerful graphics tools, you can rotate, mask, and resize images, then enhance them with shadows and reflections. Next thing you know, you’ve got visuals worth ten thousand words.

Numbers for iCloud. Add simplicity. Subtract complexity.

Numbers for iCloud makes it easy to bring simplicity, clarity, and even beauty to your spreadsheets in your browser on Mac or PC. With prebuilt functions, tables, and formulas, you can organize and analyze just about anything. Need to work with Microsoft Excel files? Just drag them in and start editing.

Numbers spreadsheets are built on a free-form canvas. Add multiple tables, shapes, photos, and text anywhere and move them wherever you like — your calculations remain intact. All that, in a browser.

Numbers figures the figures for you.

Choose from over 250 functions that do the calculating so you can do the analyzing. If you don’t recognize a variable, the built‑in help can give you a clear and concise explanation. Select a range of cells and you’ll see the sum, average, count, and more — calculated instantly. The grand total of complications equals zero.

Bring some art to your analysis.

Whether you’ve got a home, work, or school project, you can open a browser and get started with a well‑designed template. Tables are already built. Formulas have been figured out. Colors and fonts have been professionally designed. They’re all ready to go. Just add data, graphics, photos, and words to make it your own. Or start with spreadsheets you’ve created on your other devices. Numbers is very accommodating.

Your table is ready.

Numbers tables are prebuilt — just choose the one that best fits your data. Working on the free‑form canvas in your browser, it’s easy to sort your tables, merge cells, and use headers to freeze rows and columns. Simply drag and drop rows and columns to reorder them, or hide some to see only what you need. To instantly add more columns and rows, just drag the table handles.

Keynote for iCloud. Show them something new.

Keynote for iCloud gives you the flexibility to put together great presentations, and even present them, directly in your browser. With incredible transitions and slide animations, Keynote brings presentations to life on Mac or PC. You can even import and edit Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Choose beautifully designed slide transitions ranging from smooth fades to elaborate animations
so engaging you may forget you’re working in your browser.

Beautiful beginnings.

When you start on the web you won’t start from scratch. Apple‑designed templates feature specially matched fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Simply substitute your own words and images for the placeholder text and graphics. Before you know it, you’ve got a real crowd‑pleaser. And if you’re already working with presentations on your other devices, you can edit those in iCloud, too.

Powerful graphics leave powerful impressions.

The graphics management tools in Keynote give you creative command and control you might not expect on the web. You can quickly rotate, resize, and mask objects with different‑shaped frames. The alignment and spacing guides help you place objects evenly. And for the presentation itself, it’s easy to reorder slides and adjust animation timings to set the pace for your audience.

Present from your browser. Or someone else’s.

You can deliver your presentation from a browser on your Mac. Or your PC. Or a coworker’s or client’s — because your presentation isn’t just on a computer, it’s on iCloud. Sign in to your account and just like that, you’re presenting from the web. It’s showtime.

iWork for iCloud works with Microsoft Office.

It’s easy to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Just drag them to the Document Manager and make your edits, then share them in iWork, Office, or PDF formats via iCloud Mail.

Get started at iCloud.com.

Just log in from your browser on your Mac or PC and launch the app you want to use. All the documents you create will be saved in iCloud, and any changes you make will automatically appear in the iWork apps on your iOS devices and your Mac. Your work will always be available at iCloud.com, so you can access your documents anywhere.

Choose your browser.

iWork for iCloud works with Safari 6.0.3 or later, Chrome 27.0.1 or later, and Internet Explorer 10.0.9 or later.