PRESS RELEASE January 5, 2000

Industry Leaders Rally to Support Mac OS X

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO—January 5, 2000—The following industry-leading developers today announced strong support of Mac® OS X, Apple’s next generation Macintosh® operating system (see related release).“Adobe is fully committed to supporting the Mac OS X platform,” said Bruce Chizen, executive vice president of Worldwide Products and Marketing for Adobe Systems. “Apple’s high performance Mac OS X coupled with Adobe’s award-winning web authoring and print publishing applications gives our Macintosh customers a premier desktop platform.”

“id is all about games and making very cool environments for players to explore,” said Graeme Devine, lead game designer at id Software. “Mac OS X offers id an environment to play games at their full potential, and its robustness and lineage will provide what looks like the best environment to create these games as well.”

“As a longtime Apple partner, Macromedia is excited to support Mac OS X as a key platform for creating groundbreaking web experiences using Macromedia software,” said Kevin Lynch, senior vice president and general manager of Macromedia’s Web Publishing Division. “We already have a working prototype of the Macromedia Flash Player on Mac OS X and look forward to the release.”

“Microsoft is excited that we will be providing Mac OS X-compatible applications,” said Kevin Browne, acting general manager of Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit. “We’re focused on bringing great products to the millions of Microsoft customers that use a Macintosh.”

“Palm Computing, Inc. provides innovative technology that allows people to get instant access to the key personal and professional information they need, anywhere, any time,” said Mark Bercow, vice president of Strategic Alliances and Platform Development, Palm Computing. “We support the Mac OS X technology and are working closely with Apple to develop Mac OS X-compatible applications for our hand-held devices.”

“Quark develops standards-based publishing technologies that keep its customers on the leading edge,” said Richard Jones, Desktop Division president at Quark. “Quark is taking advantage of the incredible graphics capabilities provided by Mac OS X to provide powerful design options to its commercial publishing, graphic arts, and Internet publishing customers.”

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