PRESS RELEASE January 5, 2000

Third-Party Developer Announcements at Macworld

3Dfx Announces Strategy to Deliver Voodoo Directly to the Mac Market
3Dfx Interactive Inc. today announced its strategy to bring its high-quality and extreme performance 3D graphics to the Mac with branded products featuring the new VSA-100 (Voodoo Scalable Architecture) processor. Board products based on the VSA-100, which contains native Mac support and acceleration, will deliver ultimate fill rates and high visual reality through breakthrough digital cinematic effects, bringing Mac gaming to the next level. Additionally, 3D rendering quality on the Mac will be dramatically improved through the VSA-100’s advanced full-scene anti-aliasing technology, a capability never before available from 3Dfx for Mac. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Marla Kertzman
3Dfx Interactive Inc.
(408) 935-4366

AgentSheets Unveils Agent-Based Authoring Environment for Creating Educational Simulations
AgentSheets Inc., an innovator and provider of agent-based authoring environments for lifelong learning, today announced the availability of its new software environment called AgentSheets with Ristretto. The interactive authoring environment is exclusive to Mac, and is the only end-user programmable tool of its kind available on any platform and creates superfast Java applets that run on all Java-enabled browsers and platforms without plug-ins. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Nadia Repenning
AgentSheets Inc.
(303) 530-1733

Corel Offers Free Download of CorelDRAW 8 LE for Mac
Corel Corporation today announced that CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Mac is available as a free download from January 4th to March 10th, 2000. Users can preview Corel’s comprehensive solution for Mac graphics enthusiasts without the limits of time-sensitive trial software. For more information please visit

PR Contact:
Meredith Dundas
Corel Corporation
(613) 728-0826 ext. 1513

Dantz’s Retrospect to Support Mac OS X
Dantz Development Corporation announced today that the award-winning Retrospect Backup software will support Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X operating system. Retrospect for Mac OS X will also support future releases of Mac OS X Server. Apple will be incorporating their Carbon APIs into the high-powered operating system. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Eric Ullman
Dantz Development Corporation
(310) 629-2874

Data Translation Launches USB Data Acquisition for Mac
Data Translation today announced that the DT9800 Series, a family of low-cost, high-performance USB function modules for data acquisition, is now available for the Mac. This fully functional, easy-to-use, plug-and-play product built specifically to embrace USB specifications gives Mac users an outstanding data acquisition tool. The functionality and use of data acquisition is now as easy as A, B, C. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Ethel Kaiden
Data Translation, Inc.
(508) 481-3700 ext. 1544

Ecrix Offers VXA Tape Drive for Mac Users
Ecrix Corporation today announced availability of its award-winning VXA-1 tape drive in a configuration developed exclusively for the Mac market. Ecrix’s external VXA-1 tape drive will be available in a sleek translucent design to match the look of Apple’s Power Mac G4. The drive will offer two interface choices: a SCSI interface available in February 2000, and a FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface available in the second half of 2000. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Nancy Miller
Ecrix Corporation
(303) 402-9262

Elo TouchSystems Integrates iTouch Technology with Apple’s New Line of iMac Computers
Elo TouchSystems Inc., the global leader in touch technology, today announced that its iTouch “touch-on-tube” technology has been developed for use with Apple’s new line of iMac computers. Elo’s iTouch technology, when integrated with iMac, enables iMac to become a touchscreen computer. iTouch for iMac builds upon the success of previous bundles with new features and a revolutionary lower price point, making the all-in-one touch solution ideal for tabletop interactive displays. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Maritza Maldonado
(408) 293-8600 x 31

Harman Multimedia Announces the Availability of iSub Today
Harman Multimedia, a division of Harman International, announced that its iSub will be available for purchase in February through the Apple Store. Designed exclusively to work with Apple’s newest family of iMacs, iSub is a six-inch subwoofer with a powered 20-watt amplifier and is the only USB subwoofer available for iMac. Bearing the legendary Harman Kardon brand name, iSub features a translucent design created by Apple’s world-class design team. The innovative iSub brings a greater range of musical tones to iMac. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Pradnya Goil
Edelman PR Worldwide for Harman Multimedia
(650) 429-2769 Delivers e-Learning For Mac Users announced HorizonLive 2.0, a product that enhances Mac users’ e-Learning experiences by allowing live collaboration on the Mac. This expands the current product offering by allowing Mac users to participate in live collaborative sessions using the white boarding application released with HorizonLive 2.0. In addition, the new LiveApp component allows Mac users to view their presenter’s applications in real time. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Robert Rothschild
(212) 533-1775

The World’s Youngest Superhero Cooks Up an Incredible Adventure in Humongous Entertainment’s Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
Serious trouble is brewing on MopTop Island. The sweets and fats are dramatically increasing their numbers, and four of the six Peace Delegates have not arrived at the Food Pyramid for the Peace Conference. Sounds like a mission for the world’s youngest caped crusader, Pajama Sam as he embarks on his third adventure from Humongous Entertainment, Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet. Slated for release nationwide in April 2000 for the suggested retail price of $24.99, Pajama Sam 3 will make its worldwide debut in at Macworld Expo 2000 in San Francisco, January 5 - 8. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Don Williams
Humongous Entertainment
(425) 951-2175

Imation Ships One Millionth SuperDisk USB Drive for Mac
Imation Corp. today announced shipment of the one-millionth SuperDisk USB Drive for Mac, the high-capacity, floppy-compatible storage device designed especially for Apple’s new family of iMacs. SuperDisk is the number one selling storage device among Apple iMac owners. With 120MB capacity and compatibility with floppies, the SuperDisk drive is an ideal complement to iMac, iMac DV and iMac DV Special Edition. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Nan Farnsworth DeGonda
Imation Data Storage and Information Management
(651) 704-6190

Iomega Ships Jaz Drive USB Adapter, Announces FireWire Initiative
Iomega Corporation today announced U.S. shipments of its new adapter with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface for customers of Jaz 1GB and 2GB drives and disks. The Jaz USB adapter, available this week at an estimated street price of $79.95, is compatible with USB-enabled Macs/PCs running Mac OS 8.1 or higher, as well as Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Adam Anderson
Iomega Corporation
(801) 332-4522

Iomega Expands ZipCD External USB Drive Compatibility to Include Mac Platform
Iomega Corporation, a leader in smart, portable storage solutions, today announced Mac compatibility for its ZipCD external Universal Serial Bus (USB) CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) drive. The ZipCD external USB drive, announced at Comdex in November ‘99, is Iomega’s first in a series of CD-RW drives slated to be Mac-compatible. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Adam Anderson
Iomega Corporation
(801) 332-4522

KB Gear Leads Industry with Most Extensive Line of Apple-Ready Products for 2-18 Year Olds
KB Gear Interactive announced today at Macworld Expo 2000 in San Francisco that all of its new computer products for kids and families to be released in the coming year will be compatible with the Mac. No other company will offer as extensive a line of Apple-ready products for 2-18 year olds. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Pete Stoddart
KB Gear
(612) 941-1905 x 16

MathXpert Software Announces MathXpert Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus Assistants for Mac
MathXpert Software, developer of step-by step problem solving software for grades 6-12 and higher-education learners, today unveiled Mac-compatible versions of its popular programs at Macworld Expo 2000. MathXpert software enables teachers to help students master the critical step-by-step thinking process behind mathematical problem-solving. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Gail Hodgkiss
MathXpert Software
(408) 567-9264

Meeting Maker Announces Plans for Mac OS X Support
Meeting Maker, today announced that future versions of the product will include both a client and server Mac OS X solution. Meeting Maker development and Apple have been working closely to provide the Apple end-user community with not only the best group scheduling solution, but one that combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of the Mac. With the addition of Mac OS X to Meeting Maker’s supported platform list, it will continue to advance the functionality and performance of Meeting Maker for the Mac, while remaining true to the Mac’s ease of use. This announcement is clearly reinforcing Meeting Makers’ position as the leading cross-platform calendaring and scheduling solution. For more information, please visit (

PR Contact:
Marc Parmet
Meeting Maker

Merant Unveils Data Access and Integration Technology for Mac
Merant announced it will extend its award-winning ODBC and JDBC database access technologies for the Mac, enhancing the Merant Egility solution which provides strategic data access and integration capabilities for e-business application designers working with multiple environments. As a result of this effort, Mac software developers can take advantage of Merant’s capabilities to integrate critical business information with Mac e-commerce and server applications. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Lori Baccanari
(919) 461-4241

MicroNet Announces SANCUBE, the Industry’s First FireWire SAN
MicroNet Technology, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation and an innovator in storage technology, today announced SANCUBE, the industry’s first FireWire SAN storage solution. The SANCUBE server-less storage network delivers extremely fast connectivity, up to 220GB online, at a price far below traditional 100Base-T networks with server-based storage. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Meryl Cook
MicroNet Technology, Inc.
(949) 453-6064

Microsoft Unveils Faster, Simpler and More Reliable Internet Explorer 5 Mac Edition
At the Macworld Expo today, Microsoft Corp. announced Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition, which introduces a new rendering engine, as well as functionality that has never before been available on any browser of any platform. Designed to be the fastest, simplest and most reliable Mac version ever created, Internet Explorer 5 also features a modern new interface. Microsoft also announced its plans to release Mac OS X native versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, as well as Microsoft Office, the world’s most popular productivity suite. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Irving Kwong
Microsoft Corporation
(425) 705-3655

National Instruments Extends Engineering and Scientific Solutions for Mac with New Data Acquisition Products
National Instruments announced that FREE Mac OS drivers for Power Mac G3 and G4 computers will soon be available for 13 additional National Instruments PCI data acquisition boards, raising to 28 the total number of PCI boards available. In addition, drivers will also be available for six data acquisition modules and one GPIB interface module for the National Instruments PXI/CompactPCI modular instrumentation system. This will make a total of 13 data acquisition modules and one GPIB control module accessible to Power Mac G3 and G4 machines via the MXI-3 bus interface. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Dudley Baker
National Instruments
(512) 794-5411

Puffin Designs’ Commotion 2.2 Accelerated for Apple’s Power Mac G4
Puffin Designs’ Commotion 2.2 is now available for a new MSRP of $1,995, and as a free upgrade for all existing Commotion 2.1 users. At the heart of this new release is the optimization for the Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine which improves the performance of Commotion’s Motion Tracker and Color Balance filters. In response to popular demand, many other feature enhancements have been added for both Mac and Windows NT users. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Karen Raz
Raz Public Relations
(310) 450-1482

UMAX Announces PowerLook 1100 Industry’s First FireWire/IEEE-1394 Scanner
UMAX Technologies, Inc. again led the industry today by announcing the first professional scanner with FireWire/IEEE-1394 support for Mac and PC users the UMAX PowerLook 1100. One of the fastest peripheral connection standards developed to date, FireWire/IEEE-1394 connectivity offers PowerLook 1100 users compelling benefits such as blazing data transfer rates, hot-pluggable connectivity without the need for a host card, and the ability to connect multiple Macs to streamline workflow. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Alexander Curyea
FutureWorks for UMAX Technologies, Inc.
(408) 428-0895, ext. 107

Xircom Demonstrates First-Ever Wireless Networking Capability for the Handspring Springboard Expansion Platform via Apple’s AirPort
Xircom Inc., the leading provider of mobile information access solutions, will demonstrate the first-ever wireless networking capability for the Handspring Springboard expansion platform this week at the Macworld Expo. Xircom worked closely with Handspring and Lucent’s Bell Labs R&D unit to co-develop a prototype Springboard expansion module, based on Lucent’s wireless networking technology, that can enable Internet browsing on the Visor Handheld PC via Apple’s AirPort network. For more information please visit (

PR Contact:
Bethany Burnam
Xircom, Inc.
( 805) 376-6813