PRESS RELEASE May 15, 2000

More than 200 Developers Committed to Mac OS X

WWDC, SAN JOSE, California—May 15, 2000—More than 200 developers have committed to delivering products for Mac® OS X since early January, including Adobe, Alias|Wavefront, Avid, Canon, Dantz,Digidesign, Disney Interactive, EarthLink, Epson, FileMaker, HP, IBM, Macromedia, Microsoft, Palm and Sun Microsystems.
“Adobe is excited about bringing its award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing to Mac OS X,” said Bruce Chizen, President of Adobe Systems. “As demonstrated at Apple's WWDC, Adobe InDesign's superior page layout and design capabilities, combined with the powerful graphictechnologies in Mac OS X, will set the standard for desktop publishing.”
“Alias|Wavefront received overwhelming requests from the Macintosh community to make our software available for the Mac,” said Richard Kerris, Director of Maya Technology at Alias|Wavefront. “We are very pleased to respond to this customer demand today by announcing the development of Maya for Mac OS X. With the G4, Apple is delivering a very impressive, powerful graphics platform, which provides an excellent fit for our world-leading Maya 3D technology. Together, Maya on Macintosh will give Mac artists and animators an unbeatable combination of creative freedom, performance and productivity.”
“Avid continues to provide the highest performance Macintosh-based editing systems in the professional post production market,” said Rick Keilty, Director of Partner Programs and Strategic Alliances for Avid. “We remain committed to bringing the best solutions to our loyal Macintosh-basedcustomers, and we look forward to leveraging the benefits of Mac OS X technology in our products.”
“Canon is excited to support Mac OS X since it offers our customers significant computing advantages,” said Ned Bunnell, Director of Product Marketing for Canon Computer Systems Inc. “We've been working closely with Apple's engineering team to exploit these advantages with our nextgeneration Bubble Jet printers. Canon is dedicated to the influential Mac audience and will continue to offer a full line of Mac peripherals including printers, scanners and multifunction devices.”
“Mac OS X is a great example of Apple's innovation and technical prowess,” said Richard Zulch, chief technical officer at Dantz Development Corporation. “We are hard at work on a new version of Retrospect Backup for this platform, and we're committed to being the number one choice forMacintosh backup software.”
“We are excited about the release of Mac OS X and look forward to working closely with Apple to support this operating system and take advantage of its new features with Pro Tools, Digi 001 and other audio products we offer,” said Dave Froker, Digidesign's General Manager. “Mac OS remains the platform of choice for the majority of Pro Tools users and Mac OS X will offer compelling new reliability and user interface features that will prove invaluable to our customers.”
Disney Interactive
“Disney Interactive is all about creative content which is innovative, challenging and immersive for all in the family,” said Frank Evers, VP Production, Disney Interactive. “With superior 2D graphics and Open GL, the industry's most-widely supported 3d graphics technology, Mac OS X offers an excellent platform for CD-ROMS and interactive games.”
“When we first saw Mac OS X, we were blown away by its elegance, and we immediately started thinking about how to enhance it with software of our own,” said Jon Irwin, EVP of operations at EarthLink. “We've been working closely with Apple to develop Internet access software that complements all that the Mac and Mac OS X have to offer and gives our Mac-using members adistinctly Mac-flavored Internet experience.”
“Macintosh users, who have the most exacting standards for image quality, have come to rely on the superior output that Epson printers produce,” said Dan Crane, vice president, Marketing, Epson. “We anticipate that the robust printing architecture of Mac OS X coupled with our image quality will proveto be a powerful combination. Therefore, our engineers have been enthusiastically working with Apple to develop and be among the first manufacturers to offer printer drivers that support this new operating system as part of our ongoing efforts to support the Macintosh market.”
“FileMaker is very excited about our progress developing applications on Mac OS X,” said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker, Inc. “The combination of the rich Aqua interface and very robust performance delivered by Mac OS X will let us create the best generation of FileMaker software yet.”
“As the leading provider of Mac peripherals, HP is committed to full Mac OS X support,” said Hugh Amick, HP Mac-connect Program Manager. “In tests, we're now printing under Mac OS X and are working closely with Apple to deliver great printing and imaging experiences for Mac users.”
“IBM is maintaining its leadership in continuous speech technology by working with Apple to deliver robust speech recognition solutions for Mac OS X,” said Krishna Nathan, Director of IBM Consumer Voice Systems. “We are committed to providing the best of IBM's speech technology to Apple'scustomers.”
“Macromedia delivers the market-leading Web development solutions for the Macintosh, and we look forward to bringing our product family to Mac OS X,” said Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer for Macromedia. “This robust new platform enables us to continue our longtime support of and partnership with Apple by offering our innovative Web solutions on this exciting new OS.”
“Microsoft will continue to innovate on the Macintosh platform by providing Mac OS X applications that offer features not found in the Windows versions of our products,” said Kevin Browne, general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit. “Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition will shipwith Mac OS X as Apple's browser of choice.”
“As long time supporters of the Mac platform, Palm continues to work closely with Apple to develop Mac OS compatible applications,” said Alan Kessler, chief operating officer of products and platform of Palm, Inc. “We expect that the innovation and power of Mac OS X will enable our mutual customers to have unprecedented ease of use and speedy access to their personal and professional information.”
Sun Microsystems
“Sun is pleased to welcome Apple to the community of industry leaders who support the Java 2 platform,” said George Paolini, vice president, Java Community Development at Sun Microsystems. “With the support of the Java 2 platform in Mac OS X, Apple customers will be able to take advantage of the thousands of Java technology-based applets and applications available on the Internet today.”
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