PRESS RELEASE July 24, 2000

Apple and Akamai Deliver Landmark Webcast of Macworld Keynote

4.3 Gigabits Per Second of Video Streamed at Broadband Rates of 1 Megabit Per Second Streams

CUPERTINO, California and CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts—July 24, 2000—Apple® and Akamai(NASDAQ: AKAM) today announced that the webcast of the Macworld Expo keynote delivered by Steve Jobs last week set new Internet records for the delivery of content at broadband rates. More than 6 terabytes of content were served during the one and a half hour webcast, which attracted more than 95,000 unique web visitors. During the peak of the webcast, more than 4.3 gigabitsper second of video were streamed at broadband rates to more than 21,000 simultaneous viewers, including 5,000 visitors who watched 1 megabit-per-second (Mbps) streams.
“The results of Wednesday's Macworld Expo keynote address are significant because of the sheer amount of broadband content delivered and the number of reported simultaneous streams,” said Alex Benik, carrier convergence analyst at the Yankee Group. “These results are indicators that when you have compelling content, broadband streaming media can be a powerful communications tool.”
During the keynote, Jobs unveiled Apple's entirely new line of desktops including the revolutionary Power Mac™ G4 Cube, an all-new iMac™ family and dual-processor Power Mac G4s. The webcast at attracted more than 400,000 hits in all and delivered the equivalent of 67,000 hours ofcontent.
The keynote was streamed over Apple's QuickTime™ TV (QTV) network, which delivers broadcast quality and reliability and includes Apple's QuickTime 4 player, and was delivered by Akamai's FreeFlowSM Streaming service and global network. The state-of-the-art QuickTime 4 player for Macintosh® and Windows users worldwide is available free at
Akamai's scalable network architecture enabled streams ranging from 28 K— to 1 Mbps. Akamai's Web traffic Reporter tool calculated the record-breaking data in real-time, monitoring all activity during the event.
About Akamai
Akamai is the foremost provider of global, high performance services for the delivery of Internet content, streaming media, and applications, serving over 1,000 Web properties. Akamai has the broadest deployment of servers for content, streaming media, and applications delivery with more than 4,000 servers in over 45 countries directly connected to more than 160 different telecommunications networks. Akamai (pronounced AH kuh my) is Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and cool.
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