PRESS RELEASE July 18, 2001

Leading Developers Demonstrate Mac OS X Products at Macworld

More than 1,000 Native Applications Available for Mac OS X

MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK–July 18, 2001–Adding to the momentum of users moving to Mac® OS X, Apple® today announced that more than 1,000 applications are now available for Mac OS X, Apple’s new UNIX-based operating system. Leading developers such as Adobe, Aspyr, Alias|Wavefront, Blizzard, Connectix, FileMaker, IBM, Microsoft, Quark and WorldBook demonstrated their support with native applications running on Mac OS X at Macworld today.

“In a short amount of time we have seen incredible growth in our developer community and the number of Mac OS X applications now tops 1,000,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Every major Mac software company sees a huge opportunity and is bringing applications to Mac OS X, while new developers are helping broaden the applications available to Mac users around the world.”

Since the introduction of Mac OS X Public Beta in September 2000, the appeal of Mac OS X has led to more than 50 percent growth to Apple’s developer community. With an open architecture incorporating UNIX and industry standards such as Apache, OpenGL, Java, WebDAV and PDF, new developers are tapping the power of Mac OS X to create exciting new applications. In fact, 32 percent of new Apple developers are Java programmers, while 35 percent develop for other UNIX platforms.

A host of developers announced their support for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo New York including:

“4D, Inc. is passionate about making sure that our software works with and takes advantage of all of the benefits and features that Mac OS X provides,” said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. “The enhancements provided by Mac OS X allow both the 4D and WebSTAR product lines to really show what they are capable of and provide better performance, speed and stability.”

“Adobe is committed to being the leading Network Publishing application provider for Apple’s Mac OS X platform,” said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s executive vice president of Product Marketing and Development. “The Mac will remain a mission-critical publishing platform for many of our Network Publishing customers and therefore a strategic platform for Adobe. Adobe is very supportive of Mac OS X.”

“Fotolook takes full advantage of the imaging capabilities of Mac OS X. It makes professional quality scanning practically fool-proof,” said Peter Verhulst, Agfa’s director of marketing for Consumer Digital Imaging. “Because of Mac OS X’s emphasis on imaging, Agfa developed a native Mac OS X scanning solution so users could realize the benefits of the operating system’s speed, color capabilities and quality levels.”

“StuffIt for Mac OS X was the first demonstration of Aladdin’s commitment to bringing products to the new OS,” said Jonathan Kahn, CEO of Aladdin Systems. “And, with the recent release of Spring Cleaning 4.0, we took advantage of the power of the new OS and designed several new features exclusively for Mac OS X.”

“We chose to make Maya a native Mac application because Mac OS X provides the kind of powerful, open environment Maya users demand with a UI that artists love,” states Mark Sylvester, ambassador at Alias|Wavefront. “Apple has done an incredible job of implementing their support for OpenGL and we firmly believe that the 3D graphics community is going to love being able to use Maya on this platform.”

“Mac OS X provides all the stability and power that we demand and the ease of implementation that we expect as a leading developer of Linux and UNIX-based business software,” said Jim Kelly, CEO of Appgen Business Software, Inc. “We are so thrilled by the terrific consumer response to our personal finance product, Moneydance, that we fast tracked the development and release of MyBooks and Appgen Accounting for Small Business. You can count on our entire line of mission-critical solutions for Mac OS X within six months.”

“We’re thrilled by the power and simplicity Mac OS X gives games. We’re shipping Mac OS X native versions of all of our newest games, like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, American McGee’s Alice and Tomb Raider: Chronicles,” said Michael Rogers president, Aspyr Media. “And, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We’re adding Mac OS X support to the Mac’s best selling games, The Sims, The Sims: Livin’ Large and The Sims: House Party.”

Blizzard Entertainment
“We believe Mac OS X offers innovative technologies and Blizzard is pleased to develop products for Apple’s next generation operating system,” said Frank Pearce, Blizzard Entertainment vice president and co-founder. “Warcraft III will take full advantage of Mac OS X’s graphics capabilities to provide a high-quality gaming experience.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Apple on the introduction of Mac OS X,” said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Digital video is a business necessity for presentations and web sites and an affordable addition at home for entertainment and preservation of family memories. Our DV camcorders with FireWire connectivity combined with Apple’s iMovie and Mac OS X give our mutual customers the ultimate set of tools for creative expression.”

“Apple is taking personal computing to the next level with Mac OS X and provides us a great opportunity to demonstrate our continued support of the Macintosh,” said Mitchell Cipriano, vice president of Marketing at Connectix. “We believe Mac OS X is the ideal platform on which to build a better Virtual PC, the best-selling, cross-platform solution for the Mac. Look for Virtual PC Test Drive for Mac OS X at Macworld New York 2001.”

Creative Labs
“Creative Labs is excited about Mac OS X. The elegance of its user interface and performance are a perfect complement to our complete line of Nomad portable audio players,” said George Thorn, director of Audio Marketing for Creative. “We are working closely with Apple to provide continued Mac OS X support for the entire Nomad family, including the award-winning Nomad Jukebox.”

“Dantz has been working hand-in-hand with Apple engineers to bring our award-winning Retrospect Backup software to Mac OS X,” said Richard Zulch, chief technical officer at Dantz Development Corporation. “Thanks to Apple’s commitment to ongoing advances in Mac OS X, we will deliver Retrospect Backup for their widely acclaimed operating system this fall, supporting a vast array of storage devices and providing the same outstanding level of reliability for which Dantz products are known worldwide.”

“The tight integration of Mac OS X with OpenGL and the Geforce 3 lets Destineer create astonishingly realistic visual experiences,” said Peter Tamte, president, Destineer. “Mac OS X is the perfect platform for developing powerful games.”

“We’re excited that Mac OS X native EarthLink 2.5 software will be pre-loaded on all new Macs later this year,” said Bill Heys, executive vice president at EarthLink. “As Apple's official ISP partner, EarthLink is firmly committed to delivering software and an overall Internet experience that takes full advantage of Mac OS X and gives Mac users the best Internet connection available.”

“From the very beginning, it was important for us to support Apple’s new driver concept for MIDI and audio hardware because it’s the best way to use recording programs with Mac OS X,” said Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, Emagic founder and chief developer. “Our new music production suite will take advantage of many of Mac OS X’s new features, such as memory protection for increased system reliability, the new graphics engine with transparency and flicker-free performance, real-time window sliding and improved memory management.”

“The strong performance and scalability of Mac OS X further empowers the productivity of FileMaker Pro workgroups,” said Dominique Goupil, FileMaker president. “FileMaker is thrilled to be among the very first software vendors to ship its products supporting Mac OS X.”

“We see Mac OS X as an opportunity to prove our competence in software,” said Herbert Kenn, head of Product Center Prepress Equipment at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Germany. “Our Coloropen tools will be one of the first professional color management solutions for Mac users and we are planning to adapt our Signastation software for impositioning and the scanning solution, Newcolor, for Mac OS X as soon as possible.”HP
“HP is excited to have our Mac OS X printer drivers ship with Mac OS X, giving every customer direct access to our built for Mac OS X drivers,” said Hugh Amick, program manager, HP Mac-connect, HP Imaging and Printing Systems. “As the leading provider of Mac peripherals, HP will continue to work with Apple to expand our Mac OS X solutions to enrich our customers' Mac OS X printing and imaging experience.”

“IBM is committed to continue developing and delivering award-winning speech solutions for the Mac OS X platform. By working closely with Apple, we have taken full advantage of the innovations and advances in Mac OS X,” said Toby Maners, segment manager of IBM Voice Dictation and Pen Systems. “IBM has developed ViaVoice for Mac OS X to be fully integrated with Apple’s popular Aqua user interface, incorporating new features that allow users to dictate into applications and navigate the Mac with greater accuracy and ease. ViaVoice for Mac OS X will be available in UK and US English later this year and is planned for other selected languages after that.”

id Software
“Mac OS X provides a superior user experience for gamers,” said Graeme Devine, senior designer, id Software. “It’s got the tools to make killer apps, runs on the hardware the world loves and has the stability to keep its users doing what they need to be doing. In short, Mac OS X rocks.”

"Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Macintosh takes advantage of the power and flexibility of Apple’s new operating system and delivers a personal finance software package that gives users additional stability and an improved user experience,” said Steve Grey, Quicken general manager. “Quicken 2002 builds on the groundbreaking benefits of Mac OS X and is scheduled to be released later this summer.”

“MacPlay is proud to publish its flagship summer release, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, for Mac OS X,” said MacPlay president Diane M. Zammit. “We are dedicated to technological leadership in Macintosh gaming by supporting Apple’s next generation operating system.”

“As the first product we delivered for Mac OS X, Macromedia FreeHand 10 has gotten an amazing response,” said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia Products. “Mac OS X provides us with a great platform to bring our market-leading solutions to Apple’s next-generation operating system.”

“MacSoft is very excited to have shipped our first Mac OS X games,” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president, MacSoft. “The future of the Mac operating system is here today and it's geared for gaming.”

Media 100
“Media 100 is committed to providing our customers with digital media solutions that leverage the latest and greatest technology platforms available. Our engineering team works very closely with the engineers from Apple to ensure that our solutions are compliant for all new platforms. This close relationship enables us to refine key features in our digital media design and delivery solutions and provide seamless hooks within Mac OS X,” said Charlie Mascari, senior product manager, Media 100.

Meeting Maker
“Meeting Maker Inc. is delighted to present meetingmaker version 7 as the first collaborative solution written natively for Mac OS X,” said Marc Parmet, vice president of Worldwide Business Development for Meeting Maker Inc. “As a long-standing developer of customer driven solutions for the Macintosh platform, we are proud to have meetingmaker among the wave of Mac OS X software solutions–and one of the first applications to demonstrate both the usefulness and beauty of the revolutionary Mac OS X platform.”

“Mac OS X is a rock solid operating system that will reinvigorate the Mac community,” said Kevin Browne, general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is increasing its already large investment in Mac with a full range of products for Mac OS X. Not only do customers get a native version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac installed with Mac OS X, but Microsoft is working hard to deliver Office 10 for Mac OS X, which is built specifically for Mac OS X. It’s an exciting time to be living and working in the Mac space.”

“Our release of MYOB AccountEdge on Mac OS X has rewarded us with both a tremendously positive customer response and a significant increase in market share,” said Cynthia Mackewicz, general manager, MYOB US, Inc. “Mac OS X has opened up new vistas for developers, and it’s delightful for MYOB to have such an exciting framework within which to develop feature innovations in AccountEdge. MYOB has always supported its Mac customers, and Mac OS X makes it even more pleasurable to do so.”

“Palm looks forward to releasing the Mac OS X native version of the Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager this fall,” said John Cook, senior director of product marketing at Palm Inc. “Palm has been working very closely with Apple to ensure that Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager for the Mac OS X platform take full advantage of the new operating system’s solid performance and user interface benefits.”

“Quark stands strongly behind Mac OS X, and we’re working diligently to make QuarkXPress run natively on Apple’s next generation operating system,” said Jürgen Kurz, Quark’s vice president of Product Management. “Since a significant number of Quark customers are also Apple customers, Mac OS X is an integral part of Quark’s future.”

“Symantec is pleased to have recently increased the capabilities of our market-leading Internet security and problem-solving products to support Mac OS X users,” said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Symantec Consumer and Client Product Delivery. “We are continuing to create best-of-breed solutions to provide our Macintosh customers with peace of mind that their valuable applications and data will remain safe and secure.”

Virtual Ink“Our newest release of mimio 1.6 software for the Mac demonstrates our full commitment to the powerful Mac OS X platform and to the development of innovative solutions that enable whiteboard generated content to become part of original multimedia creations in both education and business,” said Greg McHale, president and CEO of Virtual Ink. “With mimio 1.6 for the Mac, whiteboard content can be combined with audio and video to create media files on this new enhanced and stable operating system.”

“Wacom and Apple are working closely together to deliver the best tablet solution for creative professionals,” said Joe Deal, president of Wacom Technology Corp. “By optimizing for Mac OS X’s power and ease-of-use, Wacom will be delivering exciting features for graphic designers and tablet users. We are very excited to be working with Apple to deliver full-featured tablet support for Mac OS X.”

“Mac OS X is the operating system built to run Mathematica. The combination of this operating system with the unmatched computational power of Mathematica opens new areas of exploration and capability,” said Theodore Gray, co-founder and director of User Interfaces, Wolfram Research, Inc. “The Preview version we shipped in April 2001 is proof that we are fully committed to shipping a full featured, fully native version of Mathematica for Mac OS X.”

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