PRESS RELEASE January 7, 2002

Apple Developers Deliver Native Mac OS X Support

More than 2,500 Native Applications Accelerate Transition to Mac OS X

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO—January 7, 2002—Apple® today announced that developers have now delivered more than 2,500 native Mac® OS X applications and support for the most popular digital devices sooner than expected, enabling the Mac® community to accelerate its transition to Mac OS X.
"Adobe has five great Mac OS X applications shipping today," said Bruce Chizen, president and CEO of Adobe. "With the next version of Photoshop coming this Spring, our customers are seeing more and more value in switching to Mac OS X. Apple has quickly made Mac OS X their best operating system yet for users and developers, and Adobe is dedicated to being the premier developer of Mac OS X applications this year."
“By tightly integrating the power of Office with Mac OS X, we’ve been able to create an incredibly compelling upgrade for our Mac customers,” said Kevin Browne, general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft Corp. “Office v. X is getting rave reviews from press, and amazing response from customers. Macintosh users who buy Office v. X will love being able to work in the Mac OS X environment all the time.”
“Kodak’s EasyShare camera and dock is defining ease of use in consumer digital photography,” said Willy Shih, president of Digital and Applied Imaging, Eastman Kodak. “Mac OS X’s plug-and-play architecture makes importing your digital photos from a Kodak EasyShare camera a breeze, and we will continue to work with Apple to help consumers get even more enjoyment out of their treasured photo memories.”
“Administrative, content management and asset management systems need an enterprise-class database solution and Mac OS X provides an excellent opportunity,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division. “We are currently working to make Sybase OpenClient SDK available on Mac OS X later this spring and will follow with our enterprise database server (ASE) later in the year. With Apple’s strengths in the education and creative professional markets, it is simply smart business for us to bring Sybase to the Mac.”
“Mac OS X is the ideal operating system for Mathematica. It combines the two roots from which Mathematica grew: Unix and Macintosh,” said Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram. “The stability and power of Mac OS X provides the ultimate environment for data analysis, symbolic computation, number crunching and plotting in the most comprehensive collection of functions available anywhere.”
“Corel and procreate Macintosh customers can adopt Mac OS X version 10.1 knowing the platform is rock solid and our creative applications run natively. Our aggressive support of Apple’s next-generation operating system is a testament to our commitment to our customers and is one of the best business decisions we could have made,” said Derek Burney, president and CEO of Corel Corporation. “Corel has delivered more premier graphics applications to this outstanding operating system than any other major vendor. In fact, Mac OS X was an inspiration when we introduced procreate, a new line of software specifically designed for creative professionals. We see the demand with our customers and are steadfast in our commitment to developing more native applications moving forward.”
“Mac OS X version 10.1 and Nikon Coolpix digital cameras work together to provide the end user with high-quality, easy-to-access images,” said Jerry Grossman, vice president of marketing for Nikon Inc. “Mac OS X supports the complete line of Nikon Coolpix digital cameras right out of the box, making it easy for consumers to transfer, edit, store and share images on their Mac.”
“With Mac OS X version 10.1, Apple has made an already impressive operating system even better,” stated Richard Zulch, chief technical officer at Dantz Development Corporation. “The features, performance, and stability of Mac OS X v10.1 have paved the way for us to complete Retrospect, and we will soon give customers a world-class backup application for Apple’s elegant and powerful new operating system.”
“As a leading provider of Mac-connect peripherals, HP is proud to offer a full range of Mac OS X native solutions,” said Hugh Amick, program manager, HP Mac-connect. “HP deskjet and HP laserjet printer drivers are built into Mac OS X, which gives customers true 'plug and print' simplicity without installing any additional software. By providing Mac OS X native solutions for our photo printers, digital cameras and all-in-one products, we are enabling our customers to take full advantage of the power, elegance and simplicity of Mac OS X.”
“Palm takes full advantage of Mac OS X version 10.1 to provide improved stability, accelerated launch time and Mac-only features including control capabilities within the Dock to our customers,” said Todd Bradley, COO, Palm, Inc. “We see the Mac as a strategic platform for Palm because we share a common vision of the digital lifestyle by focusing on mobility and ease of use.”
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