PRESS RELEASE February 26, 2002

Apple Wins 2002 Technical GRAMMY Award

CUPERTINO, California—February 26, 2002—Apple® will be honored this evening by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with a Technical GRAMMY Award for its outstanding technical contributions to the music industry and recording field. This is the first Technical GRAMMY ever awarded to a PC company.
From the original Macintosh®, the first personal computer to include built-in audio capabilities, Apple has helped change the way music is written, recorded, mixed and enjoyed. Today’s powerful Mac® and PowerBook® computers are the choice of recording professionals worldwide and Apple’s innovative iTunes™ software and iPod™ portable digital music player are responsibly leading the digital music revolution.
“We love music and are thrilled to play a part in how music is created and enjoyed,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We are honored to be receiving our industry’s first Technical GRAMMY and we look forward to making many more contributions in the years ahead.”
Apple strives to protect the rights of both intellectual property owners and consumers alike and believes there is a “middle path” in digital music distribution which actively discourages the theft of music, while at the same time preserving consumers’ rights to manage and listen to their legally-acquired music on whatever devices they own. Apple’s iTunes and iPod are leading examples of responsible, successful digital music solutions that are embraced by both consumers and the music industry.
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