PRESS RELEASE May 14, 2002

Apple Introduces Xserve 1U Rack-Mount Server

New Server Delivers Multiprocessing, Large Storage & Fast Networking

CUPERTINO, California—May 14, 2002—Apple® today introduced Xserve™, a powerful 1U rack-mount server designed with Apple's legendary ease-of-use for groundbreakingly simple set up and remote management. Designed from the ground up as the perfect complement to Apple's UNIX-based Mac® OS X Server software, Xserve is ideal for business and education customers.
Xserve provides exceptional performance in a compact 1U rack-mount server. Its dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processors each have 2MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) L3 cache, and Xserve is the first 1U server to use DDR SDRAM memory with up to 2GB capacity. Xserve offers best-in-class storage, with up to 480GB on four hot-plug ATA/100 drives, and best-in-class networking with standard dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Xserve includes an unlimited user license to Mac OS X Server software, offering users a perfect combination for file/print service, video streaming, database applications, computational clustering and web and mail serving.
“Xserve is the result of listening to our customers,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Xserve is super easy to set up, and is easily integrated into existing networks. Plus, with its unlimited-user software license at no extra cost, Xserve is a tremendously cost effective server with real UNIX under the hood.”
“We saw Xserve and were blown away. We are adding 40 new servers before the end of the year, and Xserve is perfect for our outdoor creative and media production needs,” said Joe Shannon, Clear Channel Worldwide's CTO. “As the global leader in outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting and live entertainment, Clear Channel will be using Xserve to satisfy our demanding network requirements.”
“Apple’s powerful new Xserve rack-mount workgroup server solution combined with Apple’s UNIX-based Mac OS X Server software is a superior platform for Oracle9i Database” said Michael Rocha, senior vice president, Product Services and Platform Technologies, Oracle Corp. “Oracle's leading database clustering technology, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, running on Xserve will deliver enterprise-class solutions to our joint customers and create new opportunities for both companies.”
Xserve is perfect for I/O intensive applications such as digital video, high-resolution digital imagery and large scientific datasets. With capacity and performance rivaling much more expensive servers from Dell, HP, IBM and Sun, Xserve delivers high-speed networking, 15 gigaflops of computational power and nearly a half terabyte of hot-plug storage. With four independent ATA/100 drive channels, Xserve offers nearly double the performance of other 1U servers that utilize more expensive Ultra3 SCSI drives.
Xserve features several new capabilities designed to make server set up and remote management easier than ever before. Server Admin™, a powerful new services monitoring and remote management tool, allows administrators to easily set up and manage all key Mac OS X Server network services remotely. Server Monitor™, a powerful new hardware monitoring tool, allows system administrators to remotely monitor one or many servers, get detailed subsystem views instantly, produce reports and receive system notification alerts via text capable email, pager, cell phones or PDAs.
Apple is offering a choice of world-class services and support programs including 4-hour onsite response, 24x7 technical support, AppleCare Service Parts Kits and the AppleCare Professional SupportLine and Tools program.
Additional Xserve features include:
  • single or dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processors;
  • 2MB DDR L3 cache per processor;
  • three PCI slots, two of which are 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI slots for high performance I/O–the fastest ever in a Mac®;
  • up to 2GB of DDR high-performance memory running at 266 MHz–the first DDR main memory in a Mac;
  • software RAID mirroring for protection of important data and RAID striping for additional performance;
  • a VGA graphics card that supports headless booting and enables easy connectivity to industry standard cross-platform devices;
  • an optional AGP 4X graphics card to connect displays, keyboards and a mouse for “Mac-in-a-rack” solutions;
  • three 400Mbps FireWire® ports with two accessible on the back panel and one on the front panel for quick access;
  • two USB ports, one DB-9 serial console port and an optional Ultra3 SCSI card for connecting to external storage and backup devices;
  • an optional fiber Gigabit Ethernet adapter;
  • Mac OS X Server software featuring QuickTime® Streaming Server, WebObjects and the latest advancements from the Open Source community such as Apache, Samba, PHP, MySQL and Tomcat; and
  • Native protocol support for AFP over TCP/IP, SMB/CIFS, FTP and NFS enables easy integration into existing Mac, UNIX or Windows networks.

Pricing & Availability
Xserve will be available in June 2002, and customers can place orders beginning today through the Apple Store® ( and through Apple Authorized Resellers. Xserve will come in two standard configurations, or can be fully customized to meet specific customer requirements. The two standard configurations are:
  • single 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 256MB DDR RAM, 60GB ATA/100 Apple Drive Module, dual Gigabit Ethernet, CD-ROM and Mac OS X Server with unlimited clients for a suggested list price of $2,999 (US); and
  • dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processors, 512MB DDR RAM, 60GB ATA/100 Apple Drive Module, dual Gigabit Ethernet, CD-ROM and Mac OS X Server with unlimited clients for a suggested list price of $3,999 (US).

Apple today also previewed its new high-performance RAID storage product featuring industry standard 2Gb Fiber Channel, which will be introduced later this year.
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