PRESS RELEASE June 23, 2003

Developers Applaud Power Mac G5 Performance

“Thanks to the hard work of Adobe’s engineers, Photoshop performs twice as fast on Power Mac G5s, when compared to any other system we've seen from Apple,” said Greg Gilley, vice president, Graphics Applications Development at Adobe. “The future of Photoshop on the Macintosh platform is being geared around exploiting the power of Mac OS X and tapping the outstanding hardware performance of a new generation of Power Mac G5s.”
“We are simply blown away with the performance we are seeing out of the chip and the incredibly wide pipes on the motherboard which allows our 3D technology to do more in real time than we ever thought possible,” said Brad Peebler, Luxology’s president and co-founder.
“After running our RenderMan benchmarks, we can now say that the Power Mac G5 is the fastest desktop in the world,” said Ed Catmull, Pixar’s president.
“The combination of Macromedia products and the new Power Mac G5 from Apple is an ideal platform for developers to create great experiences,” said Norm Meyrowitz, Macromedia’s president of Macromedia Products.
“Processor power is one of the prime things that makes the magic of digital audio happen. The new Power Mac G5 is going to give our customers just want they want—loads of power and a great OS that really delivers,” said Dave Lebolt, Digidesign’s general manager and Avid Technology vice president.
“Alias|Wavefront is extremely pleased with the performance we’re seeing from our initial tests of Maya on the Power Mac G5,” says Kevin Tureski, general manager, Maya Engineering at Alias|Wavefront. “From dynamics to rendering, we’re seeing twice the performance with our application. Our customers will be thrilled with the Power Mac G5.”
“The Power Mac G5 is a scientific dream machine,” said Wolfram Research co-founder Theodore Gray. “Mathematica Version 5’s enhanced support for large-scale numerical linear algebra, linear programming, and PDEs, is a perfect example of what you need a machine as powerful as the Power Mac G5 for: Everyone who uses Mathematica, or should, would do well to look at the Power Mac G5 very seriously.”