PRESS RELEASE January 6, 2004

Major Developers Commit Support to Apple’s New Xserve G5

“Oracle Database 10g is the industry’s first database designed for grid computing and we are in the process of making it available on Mac OS X,” said Mark Milani, vice president of the Platform Technologies Division for Oracle Corp. “The power of the new Xserve G5 and the flexibility of Oracle Database 10g running on Apple’s UNIX-based Mac OS X Server will deliver our joint customers a very compelling, cost-effective, scalable and reliable database solution.”
“Building and managing a cluster is a horrible nightmare of knotted cables and tangled software, unless, of course, you’re building an Xserve cluster,” said Wolfram Research co-founder Theodore Gray. “Our customers appreciate the power and elegance of Xserve for the same reason they appreciate the power and elegance of Mathematica—it lets them get to work. One Mathematica on one Xserve G5 is a force to be reckoned with, and multiplying that power onto a cluster of eight, 16, or more G5 processors with gridMathematica on Xserve will give new meaning to the word supercomputer.”
“Sybase is the perfect data management system for high-performance, data-driven applications on Mac OS X,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager of the Infrastructure Platform Group for Sybase. “With Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1 and Mac OS X ‘Panther’ running on the Xserve G5, we are seeing very impressive price performance gains, making the two an extremely attractive package for the small to medium-sized enterprise.”
“We are pleased to announce our KnowledgeBox digital learning system is now available on the Xserve platform,” said Deb Bonanno, vice president of Digital Publishing for Pearson Digital Learning. “We expect the new Xserve G5 to give our media sophisticated learners right-now access to the kind of instructional rich content that keeps their attention and meets their educational needs.”
“We are incredibly excited by the performance gains expected from the Xserve G5,” said Scott Seebass, CEO of Xinet. “The Xserve G5 lets small prepress, print and design shops reap the benefits of a powerful server in a compact package.”
“We are excited by the performance gains we expect to see across the board from the combination of Macromedia products and the new Xserve G5,” said Norm Meyrowitz, president of Products for Macromedia. “This is an outstanding server platform for our professional Mac developers.”
“Quark is very excited about the speed and reliability of the Xserve G5,” said Jürgen Kurz, senior vice president of Product Development for Quark. “Our customers demand industrial strength computing power to drive their enterprise applications, and the Xserve G5 delivers. This is going to be another big year for Quark on the Apple platform as we release new versions of Quark Publishing System and Quark Dynamic Document Server for the Xserve G5.”
“Apple’s Xserve G5 delivers impressive performance at a very attractive price and is an excellent building block for large high performance computing grids,” said Ronnie Keith, chairman and CEO for Voltaire, Inc. “Voltaire is pleased to offer complete InfiniBand solutions for Xserve clusters so customers can fully leverage the increased processing power to accomplish complex computing tasks at lightening speeds.”
“Infiniband interconnects the fastest supercomputers in the world. As the leader in Infiniband technology we are excited to support Apple in creating Xserve G5-based supercomputers,” said Eyal Waldman, chairman and CEO for Mellanox. “With the Xserve G5, Apple will deliver massive computational power quickly and at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.”

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