PRESS RELEASE January 15, 2004

Apple Previews Next Generation Pro Audio Technology

Demonstration Includes Innovative New Software Instruments & Support for Enhanced Apple Loops

NAMM 2004, Anaheim, California—January 15, 2004—Apple® today previewed its next generation professional audio technology that will be incorporated into future versions of Apple’s award-winning Logic® audio production software. New innovative software instruments demonstrated include Sculpture, a new component-modeling based synthesizer, and UltraBeat, a deep and rich percussion synthesizer that provides multiple synthesis techniques for generating every type of electronic or acoustic drum sound imaginable. Apple also demonstrated Guitar Amp, a new full-featured guitar amplifier simulator, and support for enhanced Apple Loops, the powerful open-standard file format for real-time matching of audio loops and sound effects.
“The next generation of Logic will bring a new level of sophistication to computer-based music production,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Marketing. “With Sculpture and UltraBeat, Logic users will have the ability to create more dynamic and expressive sounds than ever before, and with support for enhanced Apple Loops, they’ll have the convenience and flexibility of loop composition combined with the power of a world-class sequencer.”
Sculpture, a new component-modeling based synthesizer, enables users to generate a broad palette of expressive and highly animated sounds. Sculpture uses sophisticated algorithms to simulate the behavioral characteristics of a vibrating string or bar and provides users with the ability to manipulate real world parameters such as the string’s material, its environment and how and where it is vibrated. The resulting sounds are more dynamic and expressive than those generated by more traditional methods of synthesis. Extensive modulation features, resonant body control, the unique capabilities of the Morph Pad, and numerous other parameters, provide the adventurous with endless options for adding life and unique character to their sonic creations.
UltraBeat is a deep, rich percussion synthesizer utilizing several types of synthesis including FM, subtractive, sample-based and component modeling. UltraBeat consists of up to 25 independently modifiable drum voices and includes an integrated step sequencer. UltraBeat caters to the producers of electronic dance music covering everything from the analog 808 or 909 to wired percussive sounds. UltraBeat offers a wide variety of possible sounds and detailed control over dynamic timbre changes, an aspect many existing electronic drum modules neglect.
Sculpture and UltraBeat significantly broaden the selection of sounds and integrated rhythms a Logic Pro user has to create with and will join the impressive list of award-winning software instruments included with Logic Pro, such as the EVP88 Electric piano, EVB3 Organ, EVD6 Clavinet or the industry leading EXS24mkII sampler.
Guitar Amp, a new full-featured guitar amplifier simulator, recreates the sounds of the best known guitar amplifiers by providing impeccably developed amp emulations along with parameters for configuring all other details that make up signature amplifier sounds. These audio details include speaker cabinet selection, microphone type and placement, as well as EQ type and settings. The resulting simulations are incredibly true to life and infinitely playable.
Future versions of Logic Pro will also include support for enhanced Apple Loops, the powerful open-standard file format for real-time matching of audio loops and sound effects. The Apple Loops format offers richer information than standard audio files, so users can quickly find a loop by instrument, genre or mood. Future versions of Logic Pro will be able to import MIDI performance and channel strip configuration data contained in the new software instrument form of Apple Loops. These special files can be used either as audio loops or software instrument MIDI loops, providing unprecedented flexibility for loop-based composition. With Apple Loops support, future versions of Logic Pro will easily import projects from GarageBand™, Apple’s recently announced, new music application that turns the Mac® into a complete recording studio allowing users to play, record and create amazing music using a remarkably simple interface.
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