UPDATE August 10, 2016

Apple’s ConnectED efforts reach more than 32,000 students

As the 2016-2017 school year kicks off, there are now 32,145 students at underserved public schools across the country who are learning, creating and exploring on iPad through Apple’s ConnectED commitment.
Today, 701 students in Indianola, Mississippi, were introduced to iPad as Carver Elementary School became the 66th ConnectED school — and the first of the school year — to transform its classrooms with Apple’s cutting edge teaching and learning technology solutions.
With Apple’s help, tens of thousands of students and teachers are now experiencing the transformational power of technology.
In addition to providing an iPad to every student and teacher, Apple’s ConnectED grant also includes professional learning, wireless infrastructure upgrades and ongoing support.
For more information about how Apple is partnering with its 114 ConnectED schools: apple.com/education/connectED/.

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