UPDATE August 31, 2016

Hey Siri, show me my best selfies

Developers Preview Siri Integrations, Creating New, Easy Ways to Search for Photos and More

Leading developers are previewing the integration of Siri in upcoming versions of their apps. With iOS 10, Siri will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your favorite apps just by using your voice. Siri integration within apps will search for photos, make payments, message friends, place calls, book rides and start, pause or stop a workout.
Here’s a sneak peek at new photo-searching capabilities coming this fall as top apps unlock the power of Siri. 
With the forthcoming Pinterest integration, you can ask Siri for specific ideas you and others have saved on Pinterest, such as, "Hey Siri, find men's fashion Pins on Pinterest,”  which will then launch you into the Pinterest app.
The Vogue Runway app is aimed at fashion industry insiders who know exactly what they want to see when opening the app, and Siri gives them the easiest possible experience in getting to that content quickly.
With Looklive, the app to discover and buy men's fashion by browsing thousands of shoppable images, you’ll be able to quickly see the latest fashion “looks” by asking Siri.
Pikazo lets you become an artist just by choosing the subject you want to see and the style in which you want it painted, and soon you’ll be able to instantly pull up your favorite creations.

Images of apps using Siri for photo search

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