UPDATE September 1, 2016

Hey Siri, send John $10

Developers Preview New Ways to Make Payments, Send Messages and More Using Siri

Developers are previewing new Siri integrations for payments, messaging apps and more, creating new experiences using “Hey Siri” to simplify everyday tasks using just your voice. Siri can already help you send an iMessage to a friend, but with the introduction of SiriKit for developers, messaging apps can now tap into the power of Siri. You can use your voice to do things you couldn’t do before, like ask Siri to send a secure payment without ever opening an app.
Here’s a sneak peek at how to ask Siri to make a quick payment using Square Cash or Monzo, or send a message to a friend using WhatsApp or LinkedIn.
With Square Cash, you can easily ask Siri to send money to a friend, whether you're splitting the dinner bill, paying rent to your landlord or sending your roommate money for utilities.
Monzo, which aims to build a bank of the future for people who hate banks, will let you ask Siri to send payments to fellow Monzo users, authenticating them with the touch of a finger with Touch ID.
WhatsApp will use Siri to make its messaging experience even better by letting you send WhatsApp messages to family and friends without typing a single letter.
The LinkedIn app is irreplaceable if you’re looking to accelerate your career, and since conversations are core to helping you stay connected and informed, you can soon use Siri to easily send a message to anyone in your network. 

Images of apps using Siri for messaging and payments

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