UPDATE October 6, 2016

Apple opens first iOS Developer Academy in Naples

iOS Foundation Program to Expand Opportunities Across Italy

Apple’s first iOS Developer Academy opens in Naples, Italy.
Apple opened the first iOS Developer Academy Thursday to train app developers on the world’s most exciting and innovative software ecosystem. An initial class of 100 students are beginning their one-year training at a new center at the University of Frederico II in Naples.
Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, talks with students starting training this week.
Announced by Apple in January, the program will provide students with practical skills and experience to help turn their app ideas into reality and bring them to market on the App Store. The successful applicants hail from 11 different regions across Italy and include students from Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands. In total, 200 students will join the center during this academic year. Next year, the academy plans to double in capacity to 400 students.
A new iOS Foundation Program will also offer three- to four-week courses on app design for iOS.
Apple is also announcing the addition of a new iOS Foundation Program in the Campania region of Italy that will collaborate with at least five additional universities. The new program will offer students three- to four-week courses on app design for iOS, and is expected to benefit over 800 students in the first year alone.
Students will get the skills and experience that will help them turn their app ideas into reality.
During the iOS Developer Academy’s first semester, courses will enhance and improve students’ software development skills on iOS. During the year, students will attend courses on the creation of startups and app design, and collaborate on the creation of apps which can be submitted to the App Store.
Today there are over 2 million apps on the App Store, which has created an entire new industry of jobs and opportunities. The App Store has generated an estimated 1.2 million jobs across Europe, including 75,000 in Italy, and nearly €10 billion in payments to European developers since 2008.
The iOS Developer Academy program is open to students in Italy and around the world, with scholarships available to those who may benefit from financial support.

Photos of the new iOS Developer Academy in Naples

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