PHOTOS March 25, 2017

Apple opens new stores in Nanjing, Cologne and Miami

Apple opened its doors to customers today at new stores in Nanjing, Cologne and Miami, bringing Apple’s latest retail innovations to the heart of each city. More than 350 store employees welcomed thousands of customers at the grand openings, some queuing for days in advance.
Each store complements the local architecture, from the restored facade in Schildergasse to the 90-by-30-foot glass entryway of Apple Nanjing. For the first time in each city, customers explored The Forum, a place where the local community can gather and learn. All three stores also feature The Boardroom, a space for local entrepreneurs, developers and business customers to get hands-on advice and training.

Apple Nanjing Jinmao Place

Customers lined up starting Thursday at the 90-by-30-foot glass storefront of Apple Nanjing Jinmao Place.
Customers in Nanjing explore Apple’s latest products at Apple Nanjing Jinmao Place.
Apple Nanjing Jinmao Place is the first store in China to feature a stone staircase with integrated recessed handrails.

Apple Schildergasse

Apple Schildergasse in Cologne is the first store in Germany to feature Apple’s latest innovative store design, including a Forum, Avenues and Boardroom.
The double height grand hall of Apple Schildergasse in Cologne features a circular, suspended glass stair case.
Apple restored the historic facade at Apple Schildergasse in Cologne.

Apple Brickell City Centre

The 100 employees at Apple Brickell City Centre in Miami speak nine languages, and nearly half speak Spanish.
Customers gathered at Apple Brickell City Centre, Apple’s fifth store in Miami.

Photos from Apple stores in Nanjing, Cologne and Miami

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