UPDATE April 12, 2017

iPad Pro artist illustrates NBA stars

Artist and illustrator Robert Generette III uses iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to bring Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant to life.
To celebrate the Golden State Warriors’ NBA-best regular season record—and star Kevin Durant’s return to the team just in time for the 2017 NBA Playoffs—artist, teacher and sports fan Robert Generette III shares an exclusive illustration of Durant coming to life on iPad Pro.
Sports fan and self-proclaimed “Vector Art Monster” Rob Zilla illustrating on iPad Pro using Apple Pencil.
The Washington DC area native, who goes by the name “Rob Zilla,” is an art teacher and illustrator who uses iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Adobe Illustrator Draw app to create work that Mashable has described as "bright, arresting sports imagery.”
The Golden State Warriors, as part of Warriors Fan Night at tonight’s regular season finale in Oakland, will feature Rob Zilla’s illustrations of Warriors players, legends, coaches and fans designed on iPad Pro. The Warriors will also recognize the artist and his work at halftime.
The Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal illustrated by Rob Zilla on iPad Pro.
The Washington Wizards have also commissioned Rob Zilla to create portraits and murals of their players using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Photos of Rob Zilla’s iPad Pro illustrations

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