UPDATE June 29, 2017

Apple’s first store in Taiwan opens Saturday

The Forum at Apple Taipei 101 is home to Apple’s new in-store programming, “Today at Apple,” including 60 free, hands-on sessions.
Apple Taipei 101 opens Saturday at 11 a.m., bringing Apple’s products, services and in-store experiences to customers in Taiwan for the first time.
At the heart of every Apple Store is the drive to educate and inspire in a space where the community can come together to learn. Apple Taipei 101 will host new “Today at Apple” programs, including more than 60 free hands-on sessions designed for customers of all ages to take their creative skills to the next level around topics including photography and video, art and design, music, coding and more.
Apple’s first store in Taiwan, located on the ground floor of the iconic Taipei 101, will open on July 1.
Earlier this month Apple announced the location with a barricade of hand-cut fabric by Taiwanese artist Yang Shih-Yi that depicts the Banyan tree, a traditional meeting place. Stickers of Yang Shih-Yi’s design are now available on the App Store for iMessage.
Apple Taipei 101 features Apple’s latest store design.
Unveiled today, the store features Apple’s latest store design. The Forum, centered around the video wall, is a vibrant gathering space and home to the new “Today at Apple” sessions. Avenues, inspired by window displays along a shopping street, line the store walls with interactive displays dedicated to music, creativity, photography, apps and more. Apple Taipei 101 will also offer hands-on training to entrepreneurs, developers and other business customers in The Boardroom.
The 130 employees at Apple Taipei 101 will introduce customers in Taiwan to Apple’s best products, services and in-store experiences.
The 130 highly trained store team members are ready to offer the services that have become the hallmark of Apple Stores around the world. After buying a new Apple product customers are offered Personal Setup to help them customize their device and Apple Geniuses provide free tech advice and support everyday.

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