PHOTOS July 1, 2017

Apple Taipei 101 opens in Taiwan

Apple welcomes customers to its first store in Taiwan.
Crowds of customers started gathering overnight at Taipei 101 for the grand opening of Apple’s first store in Taiwan on Saturday. The curved, sliding glass doors opened at 11 a.m. as employees welcomed customers to come together, explore the store and get hands-on with Apple’s latest products.
Customers queued starting Friday night at Taipei 101 for the store opening.
Thousands of customers visited Apple Taipei 101 for the grand opening on Saturday.
Customers from around Taiwan explore Apple’s latest products at Apple Taipei 101.
“Today at Apple” sessions are offered on topics from photography and video to art, design, music, coding and more.
The store’s 130 employees celebrate the opening of Apple Taipei 101.

Images of Apple Taipei 101

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