PHOTOS August 25, 2018

Apple Kyoto opens on Shijō Dori

Customer getting high fives from Apple Kyoto team members.
Employees welcome the first customers to Apple Kyoto.
Apple Kyoto opened Saturday morning in the heart of Kyoto’s main shopping corridor. A queue of customers stretched 10 blocks down Shijō Dori to visit Apple’s first store in Kyoto, a cultural and technological hub for Japan.
Queue of customers for Apple Kyoto along Shijō Dori.
Customers queue down Shijō Dori, the street that has served as the city’s main shopping corridor since the 1600s.
Customers in the atrium and along the staircase at Apple Kyoto.
Apple Kyoto will offer free Today at Apple sessions across photography, music, coding and more.
People looking at Apple Watches at a table at Apple Kyoto.
Apple is making a major retail investment in Japan, opening several new stores and renovating several existing stores over the coming years.
Crowd of customers mingling with employees at Apple Kyoto.
Apple Kyoto’s team of over 100 employees come to Kyoto from around the world and speak 12 languages.
Customer at Apple Kyoto holding up a commemorative t-shirt.
Customers receive commemorative t-shirts, pins and stickers to mark the opening of Apple Kyoto.

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