Apple Field Trip

Inspiring collaboration and
creativity with Apple products.

Their time to shine.

Take your students or fellow teachers on an Apple Field Trip
for an unforgettable learning experience. During the hands-on session, your group will take their imaginations to new heights using Apple products. And the work they create can complement existing classroom projects.

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Create amazing projects.

Learning happens right on the spot. Students can bring stories to life visually, express themselves musically, get started with coding, or even help inspire social change.

An experience for teachers, too.

Field Trip is also perfect for teachers and their colleagues. Explore how to make the most of Apple tools and resources, and get hands-on with projects that can be applied in class.

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Any Field Trip.

Every classroom is different. Apple Field Trips can be, too. Teachers can tailor their trip to complement the education that students are getting in their classrooms. Field Trip themes and topics include the following:

Exploring Creative Storytelling

Combining literacy and creative skills, students can bring stories to life with digital tools like video and music.

Developing Multisensory

Working with the Skoog music and sound cube, students with disabilities can make music and create stories using their own recorded dialogue.

Elevating Ideas to Action

Students will raise awareness of an issue they care about through projects, such as creating a poster on saving energy or making an antibullying podcast.

Getting Started with Coding and Robots

Students will learn the fundamentals of coding, get hands-on with robots, and solve problems collaboratively. Coding knowledge is not required.

Field Trip Basics

For: K–12 students, teachers, and youth groups

Length: 60 to 90 minutes (arrive 15 minutes early to allow for setup)

Location: Local Apple Store

Attendees: 30 or fewer

What to Bring: Field Trips are confirmed only when the booker receives a confirmation email. Final details for a Field Trip, including date, time, and location, are at the discretion of the Apple Store and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. To cancel, please contact your Apple Store at least three days in advance.

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