Get everyday tasks done with just your voice.

Protected by the strongest privacy of any intelligent assistant.

Just say “Siri”1 or “Hey Siri” to start your request.

On the

Do it all even when your hands are full. Stay in touch, set reminders, or find where you parked. And with back-to-back requests, you can give a command, then follow up with another once it’s complete — without having to say “Siri” again.2

Siri, text Rigo, ‘I’m on my way’

Siri, remind me to water the plants when I get home

Siri, where did
I park my car?

In the

Drive safer with Siri. Use the button on your wheel with CarPlay3 or just your voice to get directions, make calls, and let friends know when you’ll arrive. All while you keep your eyes on the road.

Give me directions home

Siri, call
Vivian Chou

Siri, share my
ETA with Antonio

Working out.

Stay on track. Start a workout, play a favorite playlist, and hear timely texts out loud — all without breaking your stride.

Siri, start a 
30-minute outdoor run

Siri, play something upbeat

Cami said, ‘Okay, see you soon!’

In the kitchen.

Multitask without the mess. Set timers, convert measurements, and call everyone to the table with Intercom on HomePod. Without getting pizza sauce all over your iPad.

Siri, set a pizza timer for 12 minutes

Siri, how many tablespoons are in one-quarter cup?

Siri, intercom to Daniel’s room, ‘Dinner’s ready’

Winding down.

Kick back and relax. Set your alarm, turn off the lights, and drift off with calming music — all with your eyes closed.

Siri, play
ocean sounds

Siri, what will the weather be like tomorrow?

Siri, set an
alarm for 8 AM

Siri, dim
the lights

The most private digital assistant.

Siri learns what you need. Not who you are. What you ask Siri isn’t associated with your Apple ID. The power of the Apple Neural Engine ensures that the audio of your requests never leaves your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch unless you choose to share it. On-device intelligence makes your experience with Siri personal — learning your preferences and what you might want — while maintaining your privacy. And, of course, what you share with Siri is never shared with advertisers.

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Siri does all this. And more.

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