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The Problem With Jon Stewart

Season 2 Release Date: October 7, 2022

The highly anticipated new current affairs series from acclaimed host, writer, producer, director and advocate Jon Stewart, takes a deep dive into some of the most enduring, deeply-entrenched issues of our time. “The Problem With Jon Stewart” is a multiple-season, single-issue series with Stewart exploring complex topics through the differing perspectives of stakeholders, experts and individuals confronting these challenges. The Apple Original series will also feature a companion podcast that will extend the conversation from each episode, featuring staff members from across the show who will bring us interviews with activists in the space, the facts on the issue, and yes, lots of jokes.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” series will release new episodes every other week, while the series’ official podcast will introduce new episodes every week on Apple Podcasts (where available).

Season 2 Release Date
October 7, 2022

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Season 2 American Humility with Sec. Clinton and Sec. Rice Watch now

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