visionOS 2 Preview

Spatial delivery.

The groundbreaking spatial computing experiences of Apple Vision Pro go even further with visionOS 2. Relive and share memories in magical new ways. Immerse yourself in entertainment and work like never before. And navigate more easily with new gestures.

Coming this fall

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Create spatial photos from your 2D images

Now you can take existing photos from your photo library and instantly transform them into spatial photos. With just a tap, your memories are brought to life with natural-looking depth and dimension.

SharePlay for Photos

When you’re on a FaceTime call with friends and family, you can all share and interact with spatial photos, videos, and panoramas at life-size scale when everybody is using Apple Vision Pro. So you can relive memories — wherever you are.

A redesigned Photos app

The new Photos app keeps your library organized and makes it supereasy to find photos and featured spatial photos fast. Its gorgeous yet familiar look puts everything you want right at your fingertips.

Trim any video at an epic scale

Easily trim videos in your photo library. And do it at any scale that works best for you.

Edit spatial videos with Final Cut Pro

With support for editing spatial videos in Final Cut Pro, it’s a new era for creative possibilities. Import spatial video to your Mac, edit in Final Cut Pro, and view it in Apple Vision Pro.

Coming later this year

New gestures for easy navigation

Use your hand to access Home View. See the date and time, control the volume, and even check the battery level. You can also open Control Center to get quick access to frequently used features such as notifications, Mac Virtual Display, and more.

Customize your Home View

You can now personalize your Home View. Simply pinch and hold to jiggle and arrange apps and bring them to your Home View — including those from your Compatible Apps folder.

Panoramic productivity with Mac Virtual Display

Using Mac Virtual Display is like having an expandable, ultrawide screen that wraps around you.1 It’s the equivalent of having two 4K displays sitting side by side — everything looks astoundingly sharp and incredibly detailed.

Coming later this year

New Environments

Get things done in Bora Bora.

See your keyboard in any Environment

When you’re immersed in an Environment, visionOS 2 recognizes and reveals your Magic Keyboard or MacBook keyboard so you can keep typing away — on the beach, in the mountains, or even on the moon.

Watching videos in Safari gets more cinematic

Enjoy watching videos in Safari on a truly massive screen while you’re in any Environment. It’s a stunning cinematic viewing experience — with a new beautiful glow and reflection from the screen. Your embedded videos from,, and more have never looked better. Or bigger.

New accessories compatibility

More ways to navigate and play.

Catch multiple games at once on the Apple TV app

With Multiview, MLS and MLB fans can keep up with their favorite teams and watch up to five different games at the same time — in five separate views. Choose a main view, and up to four others, and switch between them. Even resize the entire layout.

Coming later this year

Persona enhancements

Now when you capture your Persona on visionOS 2, you’ll be able to enjoy more accurate skin tones and vibrant clothing colors. Hand movements are more fluid and natural with new animation effects. And during FaceTime or third‑party video calls, you can add a variety of backgrounds — so you can choose the right one for the right time.

Look to Dictate

A new way to look at dictation in Messages.

AirPlay Receiver

Use AirPlay to mirror to Apple Vision Pro.

All aboard with train support

With train support in Travel Mode, you can now work privately using multiple apps during your long commute. Or catch up on your favorite shows on a massive screen while immersed in a serene Environment.


A fresh breath of meditation.

Content Safety

A focus on protection.

And even more.


Safari has unique features only possible on Apple Vision Pro. You can watch embedded videos in an Environment. Siri can read and speak the content on web pages. Panoramas on websites wrap just like the Photos app. And you can customize your Tab Groups and pin a tab on top so you’ll never lose it.

Apple Music.

Apple Vision Pro takes collaborating, curating, and enjoying Apple Music and turns them up to 11. Friends can curate playlists together, react to tracks with emoji, and join the ultimate sing-along sessions using Sing.


Apple Vision Pro, like all of our products and services, is inclusive by design. That’s why it supports Live Captions — real‑time transcriptions of speech, audio, and video content — as well as built-in features like Smart Color Invert, Reduce Transparency Support, and Implant Support.

Quick Look.

In visionOS 2, Quick Look lets you anchor objects to a surface and move them — so now you can do things like preview how a piece of furniture looks in your room. You can even change the color or materials right before your eyes.

Like never before.

Powerful tools and features like full mobile device management and Enterprise Kit give businesses the ability to streamline their workflows and save time and money — all while maximizing performance.

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An all‑new platform.
An all‑new world for developers.

A whole suite of APIs and frameworks are now available to help developers build apps that are more immersive and engaging. From Volumetric APIs to Tabletop Kit to RealityKit and more, visionOS 2 is loaded with everything developers need to create exciting new spatial experiences.

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