We count on you.
And you can count on us.

Apple is Apple because the world’s most dedicated, passionate people make a difference in the lives of our customers. And that inspires us to make a difference in the lives of our employees.

Employees on the stairs at the Steve Jobs theater at Apple Park.

Opening the store,
Apple Orchard Road

We see the whole you. At Apple, we approach everything we do with a deeper level of care and respect for your personal experience. You can sense it in our products, our stores, and also the ways we invest in our employees.

It’s a recognition of us all as individuals, who thrive when we have the resources that meet our own unique needs. That’s why Apple offers all kinds of ways to experience well-being, confidence, and satisfaction. Because when you feel good, you feel like you can do your best work and live your best life.

Feel good in body and mind.

Everyone has different needs and schedules, and that’s why we offer multiple flexible medical plans that cover both physical and mental healthcare. In addition, employees have the option to access medical professionals from almost anywhere and get free confidential counseling — virtual or in person. For those working at major Apple campuses, onsite doctors and nurses at our wellness centers collaborate with dietitians, acupuncturists, and our fitness centers to offer everything from intense workouts to soothing meditation. Those working farther away could be eligible for help with fitness-related expenses.

Katie, smiling while looking at camera, in Apple office building.

Katie, Retail Market Development

Cupertino, USA

Feel good for your whole family.

Our medical coverage plans include family-friendly features such as well-child exams, childhood immunizations, and fertility treatments. And because we know there’s more than one way to bring a new child into your family, we support all kinds of new parents with paid leave and our gradual return-to-work program. You also get paid time away if you need to care for an ill family member and free guidance to help you find childcare, eldercare, legal referrals, and more.

Cris, smiling while looking at camera and walking outside.

Cris, Apple Store

Glendale, USA

Feel good financially.

At Apple, we make sure women earn the same as men performing similar work. As part of that effort, your salary history is history — we won’t ask. Every employee here also has the opportunity to become an Apple shareholder, because all are eligible for stock grants and also a discount when purchasing Apple stock. To help you prepare for retirement, our 401(k) matching can help you meet your savings goals. And to help you prepare for the unexpected, you’ll have the security of multiple forms of income protection.

Roger, smiling while looking at camera, inside the Apple Store.

Roger, Apple Store


Feel good when you grow.

Plan on developing both professionally and personally. Apple University creates classes, seminars, and beyond-the-classroom tools that help employees understand Apple’s culture, organization, values, and role in the world. You can sharpen general business and software skills through online classes and pick up some know-how from a variety of personal finance seminars. For more formal education related to advancing your career at Apple, we’ll reimburse you for certain educational expenses, including tuition.

Jeremy standing outside and smiling, looking off to the side.

Jeremy, Software Engineering Programs

San Diego, USA

Feel good when you renew or recover.

We’re passionate about our work, yet we’re believers in taking time away to replenish, relax, and provide for others. Whether you’re exploring personal pursuits, welcoming a new child, or caring for a family member, rest assured that you’ll have paid time away when you need it most.

Qhatijah, smiling while looking at camera, inside the Apple Store.

Qhatijah, Apple Store


Feel good about giving.

When you give money to an eligible organization, we’ll match your donations one-for-one, so your $1 has the impact of $2. And if you choose to donate your time, we’ll contribute $25 for every hour you volunteer. Whether you donate time or money, Apple will match your contributions up to $10,000 a year.

Lavina, smiling while looking at camera, working at an Apple volunteer event.

Lavina, Apple Media Products Data Science

Cupertino, USA

Feel good about receiving.

Get the world’s best prices on the world’s best products — Apple products. You’ll also get deals on great third-party accessories and thousands of other products and services. And there are services to help you manage life’s day-to-day tasks: dinner reservations, pet sitters, shopping, personal travel, financial guidance, and more.

Ed, smiling while looking at camera, walking in an Apple office building

Ed, People

Cupertino, USA

There are a lot more ways to feel good here.

We design Apple employee resources to complement our locations around the world. Ask us about what’s available in your area.*

* Apple benefits programs vary by country, and are subject to eligibility requirements, and may be modified from time to time.