Corporate Functions

It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company.

When you join a company that never sits still, you won’t either. To meet the challenges of running a unique global business, you’ll help us innovate new ways of supporting our organization and maintaining fiscal accountability to our investors. At Apple, this also means using our leadership position as a socially responsible corporate citizen to influence change in the world.

Melody is here to help you go places.

Melody’s story

Melody, a member of Apple's security team, collaborates with her colleague.

If you ask Melody, she’ll say the best customer service at Apple comes from her security team. As a customer service and safety supervisor at Apple Park in Cupertino, she’s part of a team responsible for the safety of Apple employees, but she’s just as ready to offer simple directions or handle a range of facility matters. It’s a role that allows her to share a warm welcome with new visitors and form lasting relationships with the more familiar faces here. After being promoted from specialist to supervisor, Melody is now mentoring other members of her team. “I want my people to know that they can grow here. I’m happy to help someone get where I am, because I want my team to be successful.”

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Information Systems and Technology

How do over 130,000 employees stay connected to each other, to suppliers, and to over a billion customers around the world? They depend on Apple’s nerve center — Information Systems and Technology (IS&T). They could depend on you, as you help design and manage the massive systems that run Apple services such as Apple Pay and the Apple website, as well as manufacturing, logistics, retail operations, and all our corporate facilities. IS&T also develops and manages our data centers all over the globe. Areas of work include Web Application Engineering, Back-End Engineering, Mobile Software Engineering, Data Science and Applied Machine Learning, Software Quality Engineering, Security Engineering, Network Engineering, Content Delivery, Data Center Operations, and Package Support for SAP and Oracle.

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Just as our products create value for our customers, this team creates value for Apple and its shareholders. To do that, they support Apple’s growth, both top line and bottom line, by partnering with other teams for more effective investment strategies and risk management. Areas of work include Financial Planning, Forecasting and Analysis, Tax, Treasury, Internal Audit, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Accounting.

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As a company that invents and reinvents entire categories and industries, Apple challenges this team with unique and often unexplored aspects of the law. This group provides worldwide support for all our products and business, ensuring compliance with Apple’s high ethical and corporate standards as well as defending our intellectual property. Areas of work include Corporate Law, Paralegal Services, Legal Operations, Project Management, and Administration.

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Join the team that discovers and develops our most important resource: our people. Your efforts will help maintain Apple as an innovator and continue our commitment to create an even more diverse culture — open to everyone, from every background, and offering countless perspectives. We search the world to build our collective of talented experts, idealists, and inventors, then support their professional growth and personal well-being throughout their careers here. The employees of Apple are our team members, our friends, and the heart of our company — that’s why we’re so passionate about helping them do what they love. Areas of work include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Development, Infrastructure, Inclusion and Diversity, Benefits, and Compensation.

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Learning and Development

Our learning and development programs are as unique as you’d expect from Apple. This team creates, refines, and delivers curricula that are offered broadly throughout Apple and, in some cases, to external partners. Some team members focus on what’s distinctive about Apple’s culture, leadership, and values. Others devote themselves to defining and strengthening important areas of technical expertise. Come help us create meaningful and transformative learning experiences that inform, inspire, and educate. Areas of work include Professional Education, Organizational Development, Technical Training, Sales Training, Content Development, and Learning Analytics.

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Global Security

This team manages the security of Apple’s most valuable assets: our people and our innovations. As one of the most closely watched companies in the world, Apple has security needs that are broad and unique, and this group develops solutions for issues ranging from the physical security of our facilities to the protection of our supply chain. Areas of work include Safety Services, Operations, Investigation, Legal Services, Analysis, Project Management, and Program Management.

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Sheena outside the Beats office in Los Angeles

For Sheena, every day is an opportunity to succeed.

How do you define your role?
Officially, as a member of the Real Estate and Development team at Apple, I coordinate operations at our Beats campus in Los Angeles. But what I love is how much my role changes from day to day. From booking travel to working with Global Security, there’s always something new and exciting to do.

What influences your work?
My passion is fitness — in particular, competitive bodybuilding. After I won several competitions, my coworkers saw my progress and began reaching out to me to help them with their fitness lifestyle. I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and assist them with their overall health and wellness goals. I believe that when we feel good from the inside, it creates a more positive work environment for everyone.

How does this role differ from others you’ve had in the past?
I had the pleasure of being one of the first to join the Beats office in 2011, so it gives me great joy to know I’ve contributed to building this office’s culture in some way. It’s an honor to be part of a company that unites the worlds of both technology and entertainment into one.

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Information Security

Become one of the people who protects Apple systems, infrastructure, and data. Team members monitor and detect threat events, lead system and application life-cycle design, and manage support, policies, and training. Areas of work include Threat Response, Security Assessment, Vulnerability Management, Security Training, Digital Forensics, and Vendor Security.

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Environment and Social Initiatives

We apply the same level of innovation toward our social and environmental values as we do toward our products. Join the team that creates and leads initiatives demonstrating our commitment to leaving the world better than we found it. Areas of work include Environment, Inclusion and Diversity, Accessibility, Privacy, Education, Supplier Responsibility, and Health and Safety.

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Policy and Government Affairs

Act as an Apple ambassador to governments around the world. You’ll help identify and guide many new Apple initiatives, and you’ll look out for the interests of our customers and employees as well. By building relationships with policy makers and industries, this group develops strategies that allow Apple to bring more products, stores, and jobs to people in hundreds of international locations. Areas of work include Privacy and Security, Education, Human Rights, Environment, Job Creation, and Tax Reform.

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Real Estate and Development

Our continuing growth keeps this team busy. They locate, develop, and manage properties that reflect the same standards of simplicity and beauty as our products. Some travel the world for the highest-quality materials, transforming spaces into our stores, corporate offices, and specialized product development centers. Others keep those workplaces running smoothly, so everyone else here can focus on what they do best. Areas of work include Real Estate, Construction, Facilities, Maintenance Operations, Space Planning, Global Energy, Commute Services, and Environment, Health, and Safety.

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Dining and Food Services

This team applies Apple standards of excellence to dining. They present high-quality, imaginatively prepared, responsibly sourced ingredients as part of an ever-changing international menu. Join this team at a Caffè Macs or one of our office coffee bars. Areas of work include Executive Chef Management, Sous-Chef Management, Line Cooking, Prep Cooking, Front-of-House Management, Supervisory Management, Barista Service, Cashier Service, Project Management, and Special Teams.

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This group keeps people here organized and focused in our fast-paced environment. You might assist senior executives, work in reception greeting and guiding Apple employees and visitors, or choose a role as a coordinator for a particular group. Areas of work include Reception, Executive Assistance, Administrative Assistance, Recruiting Coordination, and Project Coordination.

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