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University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
United States

Powering performance from practice to game day.

At the heart of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln sits its legendary Athletics Department, made up of coaches, staff, and over 600 student-athletes. Nebraska Athletics earns its reputation as one of the best programs in the country by taking an innovative approach to combining competitive sports with academics. As a fundamental part of investing in tools for success, leadership chooses Apple products to help achieve their goals across areas of team performance, health and wellness, training, productivity, and academics.

Coaches at Nebraska use iPad to plan games and practices, communicate with their teams, and track performance metrics of student-athletes using specialized iOS apps. They’re even using iPad to help scout and recruit student-athletes from all over the country.

All 600+ student-athletes receive a MacBook to support academic success. In fact, Nebraska Athletics leads the country in Academic All-Americans and NCAA Top 10 award winners. As some of the busiest students on campus, Mac allows them to create, collaborate, and stay in touch with counselors, classmates, and peers — both while traveling and on campus.

And to support the health, safety, and performance of their teams, the Performance Lab at Nebraska Athletics utilizes Apple technology to help coaches and staff record and track biomechanics and biomarkers of student-athletes to support everything from concussion management to physical and mental wellness. This allows coaches to ensure their athletes are staying healthy and safe.

“We rely on Apple to run our entire athletic department because we want our staff, students, and coaches using great technology. That’s one of the things that gives us an edge.”
Bill Moos Director of Athletics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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