UPDATE November 6, 2019

Health Records on iPhone now available to veterans across the US

Providing Veterans a Better Understanding of Their Health Across Multiple Providers like Johns Hopkins and University of California San Diego

iPhone showing Health Records feature.
Health Records on iPhone brings together veterans’ hospitals, clinics and existing information on the Health app to make it easy for them to see their medical data across multiple providers.
Apple and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced that veterans across the nation and surrounding territories1 now have access to the Health Records feature in the Health app on iPhone. The VA gradually launched Health Records to select patients this summer, and now veterans who are iOS users and receive their care through the Veterans Health Administration can see a fuller, more comprehensive picture of their health that includes information from multiple providers.
“Helping veterans gain a better understanding of their health is our chance to show our gratitude for their service,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “By working with the VA to offer Health Records on iPhone, we hope to help those who served have greater peace of mind that their health care is in good hands.”
iPhone showing Immunizations screen.
Using Health Records on iPhone, veterans can view all medications, immunizations, lab results, allergies, conditions and more in one view.
The VA is the largest medical system in the United States, providing service to more than 9 million veterans across 1,243 facilities, including hospitals and clinics. Today, the VA joins Johns Hopkins, University of California San Diego, Quest Diagnostics, Allscripts and 400 other health care provider organizations, laboratory networks and electronic health records vendors who all support Health Records on iPhone.
By signing into their providers’ patient portals in the Health app, veterans can see all of their health records in one place, including medications, immunizations, lab results and more. The Health app continually updates these records giving VA patients access to a single, integrated snapshot of their health profile whenever they want, quickly and privately.
iPhone showing Medications screen.
Health Records are continually updated to provide veterans access to a single, integrated snapshot of their health profile, with all information encrypted and protected with their iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.
Apple is dedicated to protecting customers’ information and medical information contains some of the most sensitive, personal data a user has on their device. All Health Records data is encrypted and protected with the user’s iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

Images of VA Health Records

    1 Available at facilities in Cuba, Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

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