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A woman photographed among glowing red paper lanterns strung overhead.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by NKCHU, China.
The iPhone 12 lineup delivers advanced camera systems, and with A14 Bionic — the fastest chip in a smartphone — powerful computational photography features to all users. Photographers around the world are using iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max to capture stunning images of cityscapes, landscapes, people, and more, from day to night.
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini feature a powerful dual-camera system with an expansive Ultra Wide camera and a new Wide camera with an ƒ/1.6 aperture that provides 27 percent more light for improved photos and videos in low-light environments. Both models also introduce new computational photography features, which include Night mode and faster-performing Deep Fusion on all cameras, for improved photos in any environment. Smart HDR 3 uses machine learning to intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture, and saturation of a photo for remarkably natural-looking images.
The reimagined pro camera system on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is even more versatile with Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras, and provides even more creative control to users. iPhone 12 Pro Max takes the pro camera experience even further with a 65 mm focal length Telephoto camera for increased flexibility and 5x optical zoom range, as well as an advanced Wide camera boasting a 47 percent larger sensor with 1.7μm pixels for a massive 87 percent improvement in low-light conditions. A LiDAR Scanner also unlocks advanced capabilities for Pro models, including up to 6x faster autofocus in low-light scenes and the introduction of Night mode portraits.
A night shot of a man sitting in front of a campfire in the desert.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Abdullah Shaijie, Kuwait.
A large puddle of water on the street reflects its surroundings and the sky above.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Neal Kumar, United States.
A red tarp tasked to block out the sun sets off a shadow of a child playing.
Shot on iPhone 12 mini by Joe Panpiansin, Thailand.
Skyline view of Dubai.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Abdullah Shaijie, Kuwait.
Pie with intricate lattice crust.
Shot on iPhone 12 by Nilay Örnek, Türkiye.
A rainy street in Italy.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Calogero Agrò, Italy.
Red leaves in the foreground frame a distant waterfall.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Ikuchika Aoyama, Japan.
A black-and-white shot of a figure, visible through a lattice of driftwood, standing on a beach.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Hélène Hadjiyianni, France.
A close-up shot of a person’s blue eye.
Shot on iPhone 12 mini by Andrey Glazunov, Russia.
A woman standing at end of a dock facing water.
Shot on iPhone 12 by Bahar Akıncı, Türkiye.
Light and shadow linger on a boy’s face.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Rohit Vohra, India.
A person casts a long shadow on a city street.
Shot on iPhone 12 mini by Matti Haapoja, Canada.
Beyond an opened door, a figure sits amid debris and shadows.
Shot on iPhone 12 by Bo Liu, China.
A person poses on the landing of a yellow-walled stairwell.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Sarah M. Lee, United Kingdom.
The spires of twin red bridges reach skyward.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Ikuchika Aoyama, Japan.
A body of water mirrors the expanse of sky above.
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Pieter de Vries, Australia.
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