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Sixteen Black-, Hispanic/Latinx-, and Indigenous-owned green technology and clean energy businesses are joining Apple’s second Impact Accelerator, part of the company’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.
Apple today introduced its second Impact Accelerator class — a cohort of 16 Black-, Hispanic/Latinx-, and Indigenous-owned businesses working on the cutting edge of environmental services and solutions. Part of the company’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, the Impact Accelerator will provide training and mentorship to help propel the selected businesses toward the next stage of growth while advancing a shared goal of creating a greener world.
“The fight to address climate change demands that we band together to develop innovative solutions while empowering and uplifting the communities we’re working to protect,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. “We are thrilled for this dynamic group of innovators to take their important work to the next level with help from our Impact Accelerator, and we are proud to deepen our commitment to working with partners around the country to ensure that environmental progress and equity go hand in hand.”
The companies will participate in a three-month program aimed at accelerating progress toward their goals. Executives and their teams will receive customized training that provides the knowledge and tools needed to succeed as an Apple supplier, access to Apple mentors and experts to help align business priorities with environmental goals, and scholarship opportunities with leading executive education programs focused on supply chain and growth. 
Following the program, the companies will be considered for business opportunities with Apple as it works to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire manufacturing supply chain by 2030. Apple has been carbon neutral for its corporate operations since 2020. 
The Impact Accelerator program launched last year with the goal of ensuring that the company’s strategic work and investments to protect the environment also help expand access to opportunity for communities of color. Since their participation in the program, companies in the inaugural Impact Accelerator class have seen increased recognition for their work within their sector and local communities, built connections with public- and private-sector leaders advancing climate-based solutions at the local and state levels, and seen their overall business opportunities expand. Several are currently working with Apple as part of the company’s supply chain network, and every company has participated in selective opportunities to be assessed for potential business with Apple.

Meet the Companies 

From creating the world’s largest water database to developing clean energy projects on tribal lands to helping farmers improve soil management, the 16 Impact Accelerator businesses are driving innovations in clean energy, water, recycling, carbon removal, and energy efficiency. They span six time zones across the United States, and include family-owned small businesses, woman-owned enterprises, and public benefit corporations. Each share Apple’s commitment to serving communities disproportionately affected by climate change and other environmental challenges. 
Doll Avant, founder and CEO of Aquagenuity, is shown.
Doll Avant is the founder and CEO of Aquagenuity, a water stewardship company based in Atlanta.
Founder and CEO: Doll Avant
Water Stewardship Company in Atlanta, GA 
Aquagenuity is a data analytics company that has built a proprietary national water database to provide up-to-date monitoring on water pollution across the country. Aquagenuity gives everyday citizens a way to monitor the quality of their water and gain a better understanding of the ways in which water quality impacts everyday life. By addressing the root cause of environmental injustice — a lack of data — Aquagenuity aims to mitigate environmental harm against impacted communities of color, save lives, and improve health. 
Rick Perez, founder and CEO of Avanguard Innovative, is shown.
Rick Perez is the founder and CEO of Avangard Innovative, a recycling innovation company based in Houston.
Avangard Innovative
Founder and CEO: Rick Perez
Recycling Innovation Company in Houston, TX
Avangard Innovative believes in a world that generates zero waste, with a mission of providing circular economy solutions that accelerate its customers’ sustainability programs, improve its environmental partners’ ESG scorecards, and generate incremental revenue. With 30 years of experience, the company offers end-to-end recycling optimization programs, and through its proprietary Sustayn technology, program management, and manufacturing of an environmental additive made from post-consumer resin, it helps its clients reduce the carbon footprint in their packaging by up to 75 percent.
Wesley Brandon, president of CTEMS Company, is shown.
Wesley Brandon is the president of CTEMS Company, an electromechanical solutions and logistics company based in Fremont, California.
CTEMS Company 
President: Wesley Brandon 
Electromechanical Solutions and Logistics Company in Fremont, CA
CTEMS Company offers engineering, manufacturing, and logistics services with a focus on delivering custom cable, harness, and electromechanical box build solutions to global companies in the semiconductor, medical device, and electric vehicle industries. Based in Silicon Valley, the company leverages its technical expertise, diverse workforce, and system integration capabilities to provide full life cycle management for complex hardware, including design, full turnkey assembly, disposition, and recycling/reuse. CTEMS Company aims to be the most flexible and trusted electromechanical manufacturing partner for designing, sourcing, and building products that have a positive and sustainable impact on the world.
Albert Lozano, president of Digital Green Global, is shown.
Albert Lozano is the president of Digital Green Global, a circular economy and zero-waste electronic service company based in Morgan Hill, California.
Digital Green Global
President: Albert Lozano
Circular Economy and Zero-Waste Electronic Service Company in Morgan Hill, CA
Digital Green Global offers certified e-waste recycling, ITAD, reverse logistics, and secure data eradication and material destruction for its corporate partners, ensuring all end-of-life electronics and hazardous materials are properly and sustainably handled. As an industry leader in protecting business liability and brand reputation, DG Global directly addresses environmental compliance, data security, and intellectual property concerns.
Ibrahim Branham, president and CEO of IJB Electrical Contractor, is shown.
Ibrahim Branham is the president and CEO of IJB Electrical Contractor, an energy efficiency company based in Camden, New Jersey.
IJB Electrical Contractor
President and CEO: Ibrahim Branham
Energy Efficiency Company in Camden, NJ
IJB Electric offers highly personalized electrical, construction, and engineering services for partners seeking to advance carbon reduction and energy resiliency goals. The company is deeply committed to empowering young people to harness their creativity and innovation, which led to the creation of IJB-U — a 12-week program that trains local high school students in cutting-edge skills to prepare them for immediate employment in the power and technology industry. IJB’s impact on historically underserved communities is reflected in its commitment to increasing diversity and community outreach in all its projects. 
Nathali Parker, co-founder and CEO of KLP Construction Supply, is shown.
Nathali Parker is the co-founder and CEO of KLP Construction Supply, a recycling innovation company based in Manor, Texas.
KLP Construction Supply
Co-Founder and CEO: Nathali Parker
Recycling Innovation Company in Manor, TX
KLP Construction Supply is an Indigenous-, woman-owned family business that introduces innovative, eco-friendly materials into the construction and industrial market. Its high-quality products offer reduced life cycle costs and a positive environmental impact to its state, federal, and commercial partners. The company focuses on bringing products to market that are safe for both people and the environment. 
Brett Isaac, founder and executive chairman of Navajo Power, is shown.
Brett Isaac is the founder and executive chairman of Navajo Power, a renewable energy company based in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Navajo Power
Founder and Executive Chairman: Brett Isaac
Renewable Energy Company in Flagstaff, AZ
Navajo Power is a majority Native-owned public benefit corporation (PBC) that develops utility-scale energy projects optimized for the cultural and economic empowerment of tribal nations. By fostering collaborative processes and community engagement, the company develops projects that build strong and credible relationships with communities, unveiling the powerful potential to shift the paradigm of energy access to First Nations. Navajo Power is a company of mission-driven individuals committed to developing clean energy solutions that create positive economic change for tribal nations.
Mike Fernandez, founder and owner of Niche Tools & Abrasives, is shown.
Mike Fernandez is the founder and owner of Niche Tools & Abrasives, a manufacturing materials and processes company based in Winter Springs, Florida.
Niche Tools & Abrasives
Founder and Owner: Mike Fernandez
Manufacturing Materials and Processes Company in Winter Springs, FL
Niche Tools & Abrasives works directly with its customers to find solutions to their manufacturing, repair, and fabrication needs. Niche has expertise in a wide variety of materials and has recently developed a patented, water-based way to create large amounts of graphene — a highly versatile material that can replace copper for certain electronics applications, extend the life span of vehicle engines, make stronger and greener concrete for future infrastructure, and create better batteries and EV charging infrastructure for tomorrow’s clean vehicle technology. Using affordable, scalable graphene will reduce energy consumption, fossil fuel use, and carbon footprint. Niche technology will make a significant economic impact across the construction, aerospace, electronics, and textile industries.
Paul Orem, CEO and owner of Pro Circuit Solar Inc., is shown.
Paul Orem is the CEO and owner of Pro Circuit Solar Inc., a renewable energy company based in Honolulu.
Pro Circuit Solar Inc.
CEO and Owner: Paul Orem
Renewable Energy Company in Honolulu, HI
Pro Circuit Solar Inc. specializes in engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance of renewable and energy storage systems for commercial and industrial applications. It implements energy efficient solutions to lower overall consumption with the end goal of transitioning the world to renewable energy to fight climate change. 
Sophia Del Pozo, CMO of RENUoil of America, is shown.
Sophia Del Pozo is the CMO of RENUoil of America, a sustainability and recycling company based in Las Vegas.
RENUoil of America
CEO: Isabell Ysassi
CMO: Sophia Del Pozo
Sustainability and Recycling Company in Las Vegas, NV
RENUoil, the largest on-site recycling company in Las Vegas, manages over 7 million pounds of waste per week. The company also offers zero-waste services for venues and events across the city, and provides outlets for various waste streams for its hospitality clients. Its commitment to creating opportunities for empowerment and diversity inspirits its work to create an environmentally friendly future that’s inclusive to all.
Ravi Norman, chairman and CEO of Sagiliti, is shown.
Ravi Norman is the chairman and CEO of Sagiliti, an energy efficiency company based in Excelsior, Minnesota.
Chairman and CEO: Ravi Norman
Energy Efficiency Company in Excelsior, MN
Sagiliti is a team of sustainability stewards that transform utility data into environmental action. The company handles everything from utility invoice processing to sustainability consulting in an effort to reduce environmental impact, maximize revenue, and improve performance. Through effective management of energy and water expenses, Sagiliti helps its clientele achieve resource efficiency that encourages both profitability and corporate responsibility.
Mitchell Haldane, nature-based solutions lead of Sealaska, is shown.
Mitchell Haldane is the nature-based solutions lead of Sealaska, a carbon removal company based in Juneau, Alaska.
President and CEO: Anthony Mallott
Nature-Based Solutions Lead: Mitchell Haldane
Carbon Removal Company in Juneau, AK
Nearing 50 years in business, Sealaska aims to increase the number of Native-owned nature-based solutions (NBS) projects throughout North America. The company keeps Indigenous landowners and managers up to date and involved in NBS markets by providing expertise in programming, market advice, and an understanding of the growing opportunities in the NBS marketplace. It prides itself in being community owned and community focused while working toward its goals of fostering economic prosperity and environmental protection. 
Jonathan Richard Garcia, CEO and owner of Simmitri, is shown.
Jonathan Richard Garcia is the CEO and owner of Simmitri, a solar energy company based in San Jose, California.
CEO: Jonathan Richard Garcia
Solar Energy Company in San Jose, CA
Simmitri has designed and installed energy and roof systems for thousands of customers since its launch in 1995. The Latino-owned company offers a robust range of award-winning renewable energy services for the home and business, including solar power, cutting-edge green roof technologies, micro-grid battery solutions, EV chargers, energy performance evaluations, and complete smart home power management systems. Through its nonprofit Green Design Center, Simmitri helps gain access to sustainable technologies through grants as well as city and agency partnerships. As part of its “Share the Light” program, the company deploys carbon-reducing roofing systems, repurposes old solar panels, and donates new roofs to help people in underserved communities.
Andrew Simkins Hollis, owner and vice president of business development of Slater Infrastructure Group, is shown.
Andrew Simkins Hollis is the owner and vice president of business development of Slater Infrastructure Group, a water stewardship company based in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Slater Infrastructure Group
Founder and CEO: Jeanne Simkins Hollis
Owner and VP of Business Development: Andrew Simkins Hollis
Water Stewardship Company in Alpharetta, GA
Slater Infrastructure Group works with energy and wastewater treatment facilities to mitigate any negative environmental impacts. By focusing on enhancing and training the workforce of the future to utilize technology that will increase sustainability efficiency, the company provides strategic solutions that focus on addressing environmental justice through remediation. As a company with deep ties to its community and family values, its commitment to improving the lives of underserved communities is integral to its strategy and operations. 
Irving Rivera, CEO of Solena Ag, is shown.
Irving Rivera is the CEO of Solena Ag, a carbon removal company based in Foster City, California.
Solena Ag
CEO: Irving Rivera
Carbon Removal Company in Foster City, CA
Solena aids farmers by offering soil assessments, characterizations, and solutions that maximize soil health and increase crop profitability. Using Solena’s biological capital methodology, farmers can increase the biodiversity of their soil and improve carbon content without losing productivity. Solena’s specialized understanding of soil diversity allows it to create efficient, personalized solutions that ensure soil health and fertility.
Vince M. Floyd, president and CEO of Utility Energy Services, is shown.
Vince M. Floyd is the president and CEO of Utility Energy Services, an energy efficiency company based in Troy, Michigan.
Utility Energy Services
President and CEO: Vince M. Floyd
Energy Efficiency Company in Troy, MI
Utility Energy Services is an end-to-end implementation service company that provides solutions to utility, commercial, and municipal customers. UES’s expertise is in energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification. From engineering and installations to audits and program management, UES ensures that a broader variety of utility customers can maximize their participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. As part of its commitment to accessibility and energy justice, the company focuses on providing opportunities for people of color and underrepresented communities.
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