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cooling Case for iPhone SE

I am looking for a case for my iPhone SE that will not cause over heating and may even cool the iPhone . I bought a used iPhone SE . I got an otter box soft + hard case Otterbox Symmetry. With the case on, I noticed that tapping certain areas of the screen were problematic. I do not know how long the iPhone was on. I tend to leave the iPhone plugged into it's charger. The problem occurred in three different solitaire games. Also, had some difficulty scrolling. Taking the case off the iPhone made...

iPhone SE - Technical Specifications

iBooks Home Weather Reminders Clock TV Stocks Calculator Voice Memos Compass Podcasts Watch Tips Files Find My iPhone Find My Friends Settings Free Apps from Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes U, Clips, and Apple Store app are preinstalled. iMovie Pages Numbers Keynote iTunes U GarageBand Apple Store Trailers Apple TV Remote iTunes Remote Music Memos Clips Headphones EarPods with 3.5 mm Headphone Plug Storage and travel case SIM Card Nano-SIM iPhone SE is not compatible...

iPhone SE Info - safety, warranty, and regulatory information

iPhone Info iPhone User Guide  Review the user guide before using iPhone . Go to help.apple.com/ iphone . To view the user guide on iPhone , use the Safari bookmark. Or download the user guide from the iBooks Store (where available). Retain documentation for future reference. Safety and Handling  See “Safety, handling, and support” in the iPhone User Guide. Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy  On iPhone , go to Settings > General > About > Legal > RF Exposure. Or go to www.apple.com/legal...

I have incite my sim into my new iPhone but the iPhone SE could not activated

I have incited my sim card to the new iPhone SE but the new iPhone SE could not activated...

my Iphone SE says "iphone is disabled for one hour for not knowing password?

My iphone SE requests password, which I don't know yet? how I could get it?

can i combine the trade in value for my ipad air and iphone SE to collect an iphone 7

can i combine the trade in value for my ipad air and iphone SE to collect an iphone 7

Restore content from iPhone SE backup (on Mac) onto iPhone 5

I tried to restore the content from my broken iPhone SE (64GB, last or at least second to last iOS) onto the older iPhone 5 (28.7GB OS 10.3.4) from the backup on my Mac, which did not work. First I was asked to disable the app "Find my iPhone ", but after that it still did not work. Error message is: “iTunes could not restore the iPhone “XYZ” because the backup was not compatible with the iPhone , that is being restored. You must update the iPhone to the latest version of iOS before...

can not restore my i phone se

Can not restore my iphone se

iphone se ios 13?

Will my iphone se support ios 13?

Watch 5 and iPhone SE

Will Watch series 5 work with iPhone SE ?

how do i enable my iphone se i am already logged into my itunes

already logged into I tunes how do I enable my disabled iPhone se

iPhone se won’t take charge or power on

Why won’t my iPhone SE take a charge or power on?

iPhone SE Update

I’m being notified on my iPhone SE that the IOS 13 update is ready to be installed. I was under the impression that the SE was being excluded. Is this update safe for me?...

Should I load iOS 11.4.1 on iPhone SE

Best system update for iPhone SE

Is the Apple Watch series 5 compatable with the iPhone SE?

Hello, is the Apple Watch series 5 compatable with the iPhone SE ? [Re-Titled by Moderator]

Iphone se compatibel with apple watch series 5 ?

Hello, Quick question: Is the iphone se compatibel with the new apple watch series 5 ? Thx

Iphone Se, "Unable to activate Touch Id" ;

Iphone Se , perfect condition msg "Unable to activate Touch Id" ;how much it will cost to replace it how extensive is a labor to replace it, what need to be replaced...

My iPhone SE is stuck on the signing into iCloud page

My iPhone SE is stuck on the signing into iCloud page

Does the iPhone SE support camera portrait mode on the latest update?

Does the iPhone SE support camera portrait mode on the latest update. ​[Re-Titled by Moderator]

Which Apple Watches work with the iPhone SE?

I have an iPhone SE and am wondering which Apple watches are compatible with my phone . Will the Apple Watch 4 with cellular work?...

Compatibility and capacity apple watch (4 and 5) with iphone SE

Hi, I'd like to know if I can use Apple Watch 4 and 5 with iphone SE . I would also like to know how much GB available for offline music has the app watch 5 (the 4 is 2GB)...

iPhone se use in Ireland

I have an older iPhone se . It does everything I want it to which isn't much, make and receive calls, e-mails, etc. I am traveling to Ireland for a week soon. Is there any way I can use it there or should I just leave it home?...

LTE is no longer working on my iPhone SE, WHAT is going on???

So, a little while ago, I realized that my iPhone SE is no longer working with LTE Data. I brought it into Walmart (Because it is a straight talk phone ) and the guy said "It is no longer 4G compatible". So I thought "well crap... they must have just dropped it out of nowhere" but I can't find any one else reporting this issue so I'm wondering if what that guy was saying was right. Either way, does anyone know why my service no longer works on my iPhone SE ? any help is greatly appreciated!...

iPhone SE not connecting to PC

I am not sure if this is an Apple issue or a Windows issue or a combination of both. I have not been able to connect my phone to my computer for a few months. I have been able to for the past few years, so this is really strange. I am running the latest version of iOS and iTunes. I tried to reinstall iTunes on my computer, and now I no longer have the Apple Mobile Device Support folder in my C Program Files. A co-worker was able to connect with an iPhone 6. Does this mean it is some sort...

I phone se blue tooth

I cannot the blue tooth to connect on my phone

Forgotten password to iPhone SE

I have forgotten my password to my old iPhone . Problem is I a number of family photos on the old phone . These are not on iCloud. Is there anything I can do?...

I accidentally pressed my power and home button and my apple iphone SE model started showing some weird lines on the enter passcode

I accidentally pressed my power and home button and my apple iphone SE model started showing some weird lines on the enter passcode on the passcode screen and it does not respond to passcode entry. Before I restarted Siri started telling the count of mails when the icon is on Mail and it just spells the app name on others....

problem to back up my Iphone SE to IOS Microsoft 10 via Itunes 12

Hi Tried several time to back up my iPhone SE to IOS Windows 10 via iTunes 12. iTunes can not identified my iPhone and informed me that Windows driver for my iPhone is not available at this moment . My MS has all current updates so I don know what to do and how to find way to back up my data . Before iTunes 12 I backed up data on my PC several times last year . Appreciate your responses . thanks...

Can I control an iTouch 4th generation with an iPhone SE or a 2010 MacBook Pro?

is the 4th generation. This system is set up in my wife's office, and not connected to another computer, just stand alone. She also has both an iPhone SE and a 2010 MacBook Pro. Q: Will either of those be able to control a 4th generation iTouch, either using Bluetooth or some other method? The Focal XS has a remote to adjust volume, turn on or off, or skip tracks, but it would be nice to be able to change playlist files or programs (say AIFF files to Pandora or some other streaming service, etc.) and not...

iOS 13 update bricked my iPhone SE

Yesterday, my iPhone (running iOS 10.3.3 at that time) offered me to update to the new iOS 13 release. I started the update. After the download had succeeded, the usual progress bar was shown. Then the boot screen with the Apple logo appeared. I thought all is good, but I was wrong. My device is stuck in a boot loop. The Apple logo is shown, then after 30 seconds (or so) the screen turns black for a second. Then the cycle repeats. That's sad. I'm now trying to recover it using "DFU" mode....