Things to check before submitting an order

How do I place my order

Please note, if you choose to pay by credit card, do not log out of the page or use the return button while Apple is authorising your credit card as this can result in order duplication.

Once the system has completed the checkout, you will receive an order acknowledgment email to confirm that we have received your order and, if applicable, this email will contain further instructions for payment.

Once your order has been dispatched for delivery you will receive a dispatch notification email confirming that your order has been processed. This email contains your order and carrier details, tracking information as well as estimated delivery dates.

How do I redeem e-coupons?

Apple Store e-Coupons are electronic discount vouchers which Apple occasionally sends to registered customers who subscribe to Apple Store eNews. These vouchers entitle the holder to avail of special discounts and offers. For further information please check the e-Coupon Terms and Conditions, found at the bottom of each e-Coupon.

To redeem an e-Coupon, enter the associated claim code on the "Verify your Order" page when ordering online or provide it to your Telesales agent when ordering over the phone.

Please note, e-Coupons cannot be applied to an order after the order has been submitted.
Click here for more information on how to redeem.

Can I save an order for later?

You can save your shopping basket for later. All you need is an Apple ID. Once you save the basket, a web order number is reserved for it. The saved basket is stored in your Apple ID account where you can review, change and delete the virtual order. Please note you have not placed an actual order until you have followed the usual order completion steps. Once you place an actual order, you will receive an order acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received your order.

How do I log out?

There is no need to log out of your account. As a security measure, you are required to log in for every purchase or change to your account and you will be automatically logged out after inactivity of 30 minutes.

What is Express Checkout?

Express Checkout is a convenient feature that allows you to purchase at the Apple Store with a single click of your mouse. To change your credit card information, Express Checkout must be turned off.

How to activate and deactivate Express Checkout?

To turn Express Checkout on or off, just click here.