Mac Pro

Transformed by Apple silicon.

Mind-blowing performance now comes standard.

The new Mac Pro is a game-changing combination of Apple silicon performance and PCIe expansion for specialized workflows. And every configuration comes with the incredible new M2 Ultra — our most powerful and capable chip ever.


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M2 Ultra


A seismic chip.

M2 Ultra puts our most powerful CPU in every Mac Pro. Its GPU with massive unified memory does things other GPUs can’t. And its Media Engine has the performance of seven Afterburner cards built in. Now pros can tackle the most demanding workflows with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

24-core CPUruns up to 1.8x faster than a 28‑core
Intel-based Mac Pro1
Up to76-core GPUwith up to 3.4x faster graphics performance2
800GB/smemory bandwidth
Up to192GBunified memory
Up to22 streamsof 8K ProRes video playback3
Support for up to8displays

Pro Apps

Thousands of pro apps optimized for Apple silicon.

Because macOS was designed to scale with Apple silicon, M2 Ultra brings a huge boost in app performance and capability to Mac Pro. And there are thousands of apps optimized to unlock the full power of Apple silicon. From rendering effects to compositing 8K scenes to analyzing enormous data sets, your go-to apps run faster and smoother than ever — so you can go all out.


Expand the capabilities.

For the first time, breakthrough Apple silicon performance is combined with the versatility of PCI expansion. The new Mac Pro features seven expansion slots, six of which are PCIe gen 4 — providing twice the bandwidth for audio and video I/O, networking, and storage cards. The latest PCIe gen 4 SSD cards, for example, are capable of a colossal 26GB/s.12

PCIegen 4with up to 2x bandwidth
7PCIe slots13
Up to300Wauxiliary power
One PCIe x4 gen 3
Apple I/O card
Four PCIe x8 gen 4
Two single height
Two double height
Two PCIe x16 gen 4
Double height

Built to flow.

Easy to remove for internal access, the lightweight aluminum housing maximizes airflow while providing an extremely rigid structure.

Keep cards cool.

An unbelievably quiet thermal system keeps PCI cards and other internal components cool under even the most intensive workloads.

High-Speed Connections

Stacked with high-performance I/O.

With an even wider array of advanced connectivity, Mac Pro now has eight Thunderbolt ports. The two HDMI ports support high-bandwidth 48Gb/s HDMI, enabling resolutions up to 8K and refresh rates up to 240Hz. And wireless connectivity enhancements support Wi‑Fi 6E14 and Bluetooth 5.3.

  • 6x Thunderbolt 4
  • 2x 10Gb Ethernet
  • 1x 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 2x USB-A
  • 2x HDMI
  • 2x Thunderbolt 4

Rack mount

Smooth deployment.

Mac Pro is also available in a rack mount — with all the same performance features and configuration options as the tower — for spaces better suited to a rack design. The rack mount features the airflow-maximizing 3D lattice and stainless steel handles on the front and tool‑less stainless steel slide rails in place of feet or optional wheels.


New brains. Ingenious design.

Transformed by M2 Ultra, Mac Pro maintains its striking stainless steel space frame, removable aluminum housing, and advanced thermal system. It’s exceptionally solid and stable when rolled, racked, or reconfigured. And thanks to the power efficiency of Apple silicon, the new Mac Pro runs even cooler and quieter under heavy workloads — truly a workstation you can work next to.

Optional wheels.

Optional wheels make Mac Pro easy to transport across the set or from one studio to another.

Stainless steel handles.

Sturdy and comfortable to grip, the rounded handles are part of the space frame itself, making Mac Pro solid and stable when it’s lifted or moved.

Pro Display XDR

Power on full display.

Designed together, Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR pair perfectly for the ultimate workstation. With its 32‑inch 6K Retina display, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, up to 1600 nits of brightness,15 and pro reference modes, Pro Display XDR is another game changer for pro workflows.

Learn more about Pro Display XDR

Touch ID

Touch ID included.

Mac Pro includes the latest Magic accessories and now supports Touch ID for fast, easy, and secure authentication for logins and purchases.

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Designed with the earth in mind.

Recycled materials. Responsible packaging. More power efficient than ever. Mac Pro was engineered to minimize its environmental impact.

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