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Q: how and where to get ios gear4 smartlink app for older devices?

I would appreciate help on getting the ios gear4 smartlink app; I did buy it in 2012 but I don't have a working backup and need to install it on ipad 2 /black bird radio and an iphone 4/house party rise. Thanks!

Aperture 3.x: Glossary


Aperture 3.6 Release notes

Shared Photo Stream invitation lists now scroll correctly. Fixes an issue that could cause multiple warning dialogs to appear when syncing web albums after waking from sleep. Changes made to the Aperture library are now more reliably reflected in the iLife Media Browser. Two fingered scroll now works in the To field of the Shared Photo Stream dialog. Addresses an issue with library upgrades that could cause Aperture

Motion: Star

controls. For more information, see Modify or animate a generator.) Color: Color controls that pick the color of the halo around the star. Click the disclosure triangle to display Red, Green, Blue, and Opacity sliders for more precise color selection. Radius: A slider that sets the radius of the circle at the center of the star. Values range from 0 to 300. Spike Scale: A slider that sets the size of the star spikes. Values range from 0 to 100. Spike Angle: A dial that sets the angles of the star spikes

Motion 5.1.1 - User Guide

Chapter 2 : Introduction to the Motion interface 29 Motion interface overview 29 Project Browser 30 Workspace 30 File Browser 30 File Browser overview 31 File Browser preview area 32 File Browser sidebar 32 File Browser stack 33 Add media from the File Browser 33 Manage folders and files 34 Display icon view or list view 35 Sort columns 35 Collapse animations 35 Library 35 Library overview 36 Library preview area 37 Library sidebar 37 Library file stack 38 Library content 39 Display icon view or list

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