Apple Shopping Event 2022 Terms and Conditions

Customers shall receive an Apple Gift Card with the purchase of eligible Apple products. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions herein.

Promotion Period

The promotion begins on November 25, 2022, and ends on November 28, 2022, (the “Promotion Period”), in the United States (“Qualified Country”).

Qualifying Locations

Apple Store locations, Apple Online Store, the Apple Store app and 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE (each a “Qualifying Location”). Eligible Products and Promotion Products (as defined in the chart below) must be purchased from a Qualifying Location in the Qualified Country. Only purchases and deliveries within the same Qualified Country are eligible. Orders of Eligible Products and Promotion Products from a Qualifying Location that are placed during the Promotion Period and ship after the end of the Promotion Period are eligible to receive a Promotion Product.

The Offer

At a Qualifying Location: Customers who purchase an Eligible Product through a Qualifying Location during the Promotion Period shall receive a discount equal to the value of the Promotion Product (depending on their purchase, as set forth below) off the price of the Eligible Product. Customers will be charged for all items in their cart, including the Promotion Product.

Product Category Eligible Products Promotion Product
iPhone iPhone 13
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone SE
iPhone 12
$50 Apple Gift Card
iPad iPad mini
iPad Air
$50 Apple Gift Card
iPad iPad 9th Gen $30 Apple Gift Card
Mac M1 MacBook Pro 14"
M1 MacBook Pro 16"
$250 Apple Gift Card
Mac M2 MacBook Pro 13" $200 Apple Gift Card
Mac M1 MacBook Air
M2 MacBook Air
iMac 24"
$150 Apple Gift Card
Mac Mac mini $100 Apple Gift Card
Apple Watch Apple Watch SE $50 Apple Gift Card
AirPods AirPods 2nd generation
AirPods 3rd generation with Lightning case
$25 Apple Gift Card
AirPods AirPods Pro 2nd Gen $50 Apple Gift Card
AirPods AirPods Max $75 Apple Gift Card
Beats Accessories Studio3 Wireless
Solo3 Wireless
Powerbeats Pro
Fit Pro
Studio Buds
$50 Apple Gift Card
Beats Accessories Flex $25 Apple Gift Card
Accessories MagSafe Duo Charger
Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
Smart Folio Keyboard
$25 Apple Gift Card
Accessories Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro $50 Apple Gift Card

Refurbished products, end-of-life products, and open box returns sold as-is are not eligible for this offer.

Important notice regarding the checkout receipt and monthly statement for Apple Card Monthly Installments (ACMI) purchases with this promotion: A purchase of an Eligible Product made when selecting ACMI (a 0% APR payment option available only in the U.S.) as the payment type at checkout will receive an instant credit of the cost of the Promotion Product (Apple Gift Card) deducted from the price of the Eligible Product at the time of purchase. You will be charged one ACMI installment plan for the Eligible Product discounted by the instant credit. The value of the Promotion Product (i.e. the value of the Apple Gift Card) will also be charged in a separate second ACMI installment plan for the same number of months as the discounted Eligible Product. The total combined amount charged over the 2 separate ACMI installment plans will reflect the original full retail price of the Eligible Product. Separately, you will receive and be charged for the Promotion Product (Apple Gift Card) in the amount of the applicable instant credit. ACMI is subject to credit approval and credit limit. Variable APRs for Apple Card other than ACMI range from 13.99% to 24.99% based on creditworthiness. Rates as of October 1, 2022. If you choose the pay-in-full or one-time-payment option for an ACMI eligible purchase instead of choosing ACMI as the payment option at checkout, that purchase will be subject to the variable APR assigned to your Apple Card. Taxes and shipping are not included in ACMI transactions and are subject to your standard purchase APR. See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more information. ACMI is not available for purchases made online at the following special stores: Apple Employee Purchase Plan; participating corporate Employee Purchase Programs; Apple at Work for small businesses; Government, and Veterans and Military Purchase Programs, or on refurbished devices. iPhone activation required on iPhone purchases made at an Apple Store with one of these national carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch. Available for qualifying applicants in the United States. If you reside in the US territories, please call Goldman Sachs at 877-255-5923 with questions about accessing this offer or applying for Apple Card.

The Promotion Product is not a “gift.” This offer expires when the purchase transaction is complete.

Qualified Purchases

Customers purchasing Eligible Products via financing in Apple Store locations are also eligible to receive a Promotion Product, in each case an Apple Gift Card, as set out above. iPhones purchased from, 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE, and the Apple Store app via Citizens One financing or carrier- connected iPhones (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile) do not qualify for this promotion. iPhones purchased via the iPhone Upgrade Program in Apple Store locations or from do not qualify for this promotion. Some method of payment types are not accepted under this offer. See checkout for details.

Procedures Related to Product Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are subject to the policy and consumer law of the Qualifying Location where the purchase was made. Both the Promotion Product received along with the Eligible Product purchased must be returned in order to receive a full refund or exchange. If either the Eligible Product or Promotion Product is missing, is not returned, or has been redeemed, the full original value of that Eligible Product or Promotion Product will be charged.

Promotion Restrictions

This offer is valid only during the Promotion Period, while supplies last. Eligible Products and Promotion Products are subject to availability. For each Eligible Product Category, only two (2) Promotion Products per purchaser may be obtained during this promotion. You must be an individual end-user purchaser to obtain this promotional offer. Resellers, public entities, government entities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, education purchasers, enterprise purchasers, and business purchasers do not qualify, and Apple reserves the right to cancel purchases made by such purchasers. If Apple determines that you participated in this promotion but were not a qualified purchaser, Apple will seek a return of the Promotion Product, or reimbursement for the value of the Promotion Product. Purchases of Eligible Products via any channel other than any of the Qualifying Locations are not eligible for this promotion. Subject to Apple Gift Card Terms and Conditions; see Election of the offer may require personal setup of your Eligible Product at the time of purchase. Purchases made on a Corporate Employee Purchase Program or on a Veterans and Military Purchase Program also do not qualify.

Other Restrictions

This offer is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Apple is also not responsible for any loss, destruction or theft of your qualifying Eligible Product or Promotion Product. Apple may use any information provided in accordance with its privacy policies posted online at Apple reserves the right to change, without notice, the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, or modify or end this promotion at any time without notice.