Square Panda Educational Playset

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Watch the video by Square Panda to see how Square Panda works!

Square Panda Interactive Educational Playset

How Square Panda Works!

Help your child learn to read with Square Panda.

Music: Fun Guitar and Ukulele by Joel Thomas Hunger

[Parents and children reading books.]

An award-winning phonics learning system.

[Children picking up letter blocks and placing them in a playset]

Connect to the playset with your tablet.

[Dad reading to his daughter]

Customize their learning.

[Girl smiling and playing with the playset]

Kids will build learning confidence.

[Boy reading by himself]

[Children playing with the playset]

Introducing the new SquareLand, a unique world of learning and play.

[Colorful visuals from the app of a panda on a tropical island]

Features 10 additional FREE games.

[Splash screens and gameplay footage of all of the apps]

[A canvas with paint splotches and musical notes]

Letter Lullaby

[A starry night sky with a cow floating by]

Space Cows

[An igloo next to a blue lake]


[A cow in farmer's clothes stands in front of a farm]


Runs on both iOS and Android tablets.

[A cartoon skunk, fox, and bear standing on tree stumps]

[A green monster and egg monster in front of giant televisions]

All games are grounded in research.

[A tiny panda doll laughs in front of a canvas]

[A forest opens up revealing a chameleon]

[Colorful cartoon heads laughing in the forest]

Designed for ages 2–8

[The letter 'D' transforms into a duck on a conveyor belt]

[Bubbles spill out of a machine]

[A polar bear in a winter jacket fishes out the letter 'R' from a lake]

Make screen time reading time with Square Panda!

[A UFO beams up a cow]

[A cow runs across a field of fruits and vegetables]

[Ice cubes melt on a fish shaped like the letter 'S']

[Underwater fireworks behind the letter 'B']

[Graphs and badges on a child's profile page]

[App icons]

[Square Panda logo]

Square Panda

  • Overview

    Blending physical and digital worlds, Square Panda Educational Playset is a learning tool that interacts with your iPad to create a reading playground—teaching kids to read while they're having fun playing games. Square Panda's extensive library of games prompt your children to place the included smart letters into the playset, which then causes the words they spell to appear on their iPad. Each letter is sounded out phonetically, so the child can not only see and hear the letter sound but also touch the 3D letter to combine all three senses.

    Every Square Panda game is grounded in brain science research to prepare your child to learn to read. Square Panda keeps kids engaged and makes learning fun while they learn their phonics and build their reading confidence. Reading apps feature an assessment prior to play to appropriately level and set the child up for learning success, and the levels increase in difficulty as your child learns.

    Development of Square Panda games follow research-based, proven learning techniques to help your child meet critical milestones in school. The Parent Portal allows you to monitor your child's progress, set learning levels, and add your own images and words.


    Teaches children ages 2-8 the skills they need to learn to read

    Makes learning fun using smart letters that interact with the Square Panda play set, your iPad, and an extensive world of games

    Reading games developed in line with proven learning science to help your child meet critical milestones in school and in other subject areas

    Teaches children letter recognition, letter sounds, blending, tracing, and spelling

    Games track a child’s progress as they play and customizes to his or her level and builds reading confidence

    Winner of multiple awards and the only literacy product to be awarded the STEM website designation

    Includes drawstring bag for letter storage

    Proven effective with special needs children and those who have literacy challenges

    What’s in the Box

    Square Panda Educational Playset

    Drawstring storage bag

    46 Smart Letter set

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Batteries Required, Wireless

    Internet Access: Internet Access Required

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery power

    Height: 5.35 in./13.6 cm

    Length: 12.6 in./32 cm

    Width: 2.01 in./5.1 cm

    Weight: 1.8 lb./0.82 kg

    System Requirements

    Operating System: iOS 9 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: SPCS-2042

    UPC or EAN No.: 859325006088


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    Warranty: One year parts replacement

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