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Art Lab: Inspired by Screen-Printing with Tracie Ching

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    • Fri, October 18
      6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.Apple Carnegie Library

    Create sketches inspired by screen-printing with digital artist Tracie Ching as part of The Big Draw Festival. She’ll share how years of silkscreening led to her signature style of using a limited color palette and crosshatching. You’ll explore her techniques for choosing colors and shading with intersecting lines to create a portrait in the Adobe Fresco app on iPad with Apple Pencil.

    801 K Street NW

    Washington, DC 20001

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    Tracie Ching

    Digital Artist

    Ching is a self-taught artist specializing in engraving-inspired portraiture. She has been commissioned for editorial illustration and political portraiture, and is best known for her alternative movie posters.

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    The Big Draw Festival 2019

    Drawn To Life

    The Big Draw is a visual literacy charity that promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression, and invention. It is the founder and driving force behind The Big Draw Festival.

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    Adobe Fresco

    Adobe Fresco is a new app for those who love to draw and paint. Enjoy the expressiveness of your favorite Photoshop brushes, the precision of vector brushes, and the new Live Brushes for unlimited expression.

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    See your everyday in a new way. In celebration of The Big Draw Festival, join free art sessions October 1–31 at every Apple Store. Get hands-on with iPad and take part in fun drawing activities that let your imagination play.

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