StoryMakers Festival Block Party

Photo Lab: Exploring Femininity with Kate Warren

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Join artist Kate Warren to explore how photography has the power to either reinforce or challenge traditional ideas of femininity. You’ll study photos for stereotypes and characteristics about feminine identity. Then use iPad and Apple Pencil to draw over the photos to redefine their meaning. Explore sessions on video storytelling during Week 3 of our StoryMakers Festival.

Kate Warren

Artist and Photographer

Kate Warren is a D.C. artist who uses photography, writing, and design to create work that merges a documentary approach with advertising composition for a feeling that’s rooted in the human spirit.

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Join us on June 29–30 for a Block Party weekend to wrap up our festival. Hosted by No Kings Collective featuring artists Jamilla Okubo, MISS CHELOVE, Kimchi Juice, Rachel Couch, and District Dodger.

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