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About AirPrint

With AirPrint, it's easy to print full quality photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to install additional software. AirPrint is built into most popular printer models, such as the ones listed in this article. AirPrint features include easy discovery, automatic media selection, and enterprise-class finishing options. The following printers and print servers are AirPrint-enabled. This information is provided by each manufacturer and is updated

Printer and scanner software for OS X Mountain Lion

Advantage 2020hc Printer * 2.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc All -in- One * 2.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540 All -in- One * 2.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2640 All -in- One * 2.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3540 e - All -in- One * 3.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4510 e - All -in- One * 3.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4640 e - All -in- One * 3.3.2 P S HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6525 e - All -in- One * 4.2.5 P S HP ENVY 100 D410 series * 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 110 series * 3.3.2 P S HP

Printer and scanner software for macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks

100 D410 series 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 110 series 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 120 series 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 4500 e - All -in- One 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 5530 e - All -in- One 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 5640 series 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 5660 series 3.3.2 P S HP ENVY 7640 e - All -in- One . Fax * 5.17.3 F HP ENVY 7640 series 3.3.2 P S HP LaserJet 100 color MFP M175 19.13 P S HP LaserJet 1010 2.0.4 P HP LaserJet 1012 2.0.4 P HP LaserJet 1015 2.0.4 P HP LaserJet 1022 1.6.1 P HP LaserJet 1150 2.0.4 P HP

Q: How I can instal hp all in one to my iPad

How I can instal hp printer all in one wirelessly thanks

Q: E mail notification not working

The e mail notification has stopped working

Q: Reset iCloud e-mail password.

I cannot remember my iCloud e -mail password.  I do know my Apple ID and password.  How do I reset just the iCloud password?

Q: Creating a free @icloud.com e-mail address

I've noticed that when you try to on either "Notes" or "Mail" in the iCloud settings, it prompts me to "create a free @icloud.com email address". Now, I'm not quite certain how this works, hence my iCloud account doesn't have an "@icloud.com" suffix.   My question is, once you've created a new iCloud email address, will all the data from my old iCloud account carry over to the new account, or do I have to do it manually?

Q: Apple Watch Series 2 Battery Level Stuck at 100%

My new Apple Watch Series 2 battery level indicator is stuck at 100 %, regardless of what the actual battery level is. I've tried rebooting the watch and it didn't help. Is anyone else experiencing this and know of a fix?

Q: I've reached the 100 shared album limit, how can I raise this limit ?

I don't mind paying for additional space but it doesn't look like it will help raising the limit of 100 shared albums ... is it a hard limit ?

Q: My iPhone 6+ starts playing music on its own. It happens at random times with all apps closed and with or without the headphones. It's draining my battery constantly! It came on one we I was driving alone and it scared me I swerved off the road.

Do you have a look screen passcode set up? The only way I found to start music from the home screen, would be using the control center by swiping it up from the bottom and taping on the play button. Accidentally pressing the remote control on the Apple EarPods will also start the playback. To make sure that there are no apps running in the background, double click the home button and close all apps in question by swiping  them upwards, especially the Music app. As for the battery drain, try

Q: I have a new I phone but my old one will not back up is there any other way I can get all my stuff to the new phone?

I have a new I phone and my old one won't back up is there any other way to get all my stuff to new phone? 

Q: I have an Apple computer connected to an HP printer and it is printing every other page with a blank page between

I have a MAC computer attached to an HP printer and I am trying to print a one page document and the printer prints one page and then a blank page instead of the current document.

Q: AirPrint from iPad to hp dj 3638

Trying to  AirPrint from my iPad to my hp dj 3638. I can only print from the ' hp smart' app. All other apps I have tried (including Word and mail) leave print in print queue with the status 'waiting '.

Q: Postscript error on print jobs to HP printers ( undefinedresult )

We've noticed an increasing number of issues with our users experiencing the following postscript error when printing to our HP printers: ERROR: undefinedresult OFFENDING COMMAND: show Note: sometimes the offending command will be 'xshow'.   -We've seen this happen on 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, & 10.13. -This has been confirmed to occur on the following HP models: M602, M603, M605, M651, M680, M880. -Problem persists regardless of the postscript printer driver used. -We've successfully printed

Q: Scanning from an HP printer to an iPad

Re: HP N911g All in One printer and iPad Mini 128gb iOS 11.0.3 Scanning ability   i want to to scan documents wirelessly using my iPad and HP printer. I am able to use AirPrint with these devices, and would like the same functionality with scanning to my iPad.

Q: my iMac with os sierra 10.12.4, I cannot text to most contacts now, it seem to start after installing a new hp 7645 printer, I am having a texting problem

I just bought a new printer hp 7645, after installing it, I can't seem to text most of my contacts.  Their name is in a colored box, it shows the number to be invalid or the phone number is not registered with messages.  I can't figure out why and doing searches people have similar problems, but theirs are on their phone, where mine is my iMac, my phone and iPads aren't affected.  I never had the problem before installing the printer, so I am assuming it must have something

Aperture 3 - Technical Specifications

**** D3000 D3100** D3200** D3300*** D5000* D5100** D5200*** D5300*** D5500**** D7000** D7100*** D7200**** Df*** COOLPIX 8800 COOLPIX 8700 COOLPIX 8400 COOLPIX P6000 COOLPIX A*** COOLPIX P330*** COOLPIX P340*** COOLPIX P7000** COOLPIX P7100** COOLPIX P7700*** COOLPIX P7800*** Nikon 1 J1** Nikon 1 J2*** Nikon 1 J3*** Nikon 1 J4**** Nikon 1 S1*** Nikon 1 V1** Nikon 1 V2*** Olympus E - 1 E -3* E -5** E -30* E -450** E -600** E -620** E -P1** E -P2** E -P3** E -PL1** E -PL2** EVOLT E -300 EVOLT E -330 EVOLT E -400 EVOLT E

iMovie supported cameras

View 4K cameras > View all cameras >

Q: Trying to delete hundreds of photos from my iPhone.  Keep getting message "this photo will be deleted from iCloud Photo Library on all your devices". will I loose all my photos if I delete from the phone.

They will be deleted if you are using iCloud Photo Library. Deleting on one device deletes them on all , that is the way iCPL was designed, as a mechanism to sync your photos across all devices. iCloud Photo Library - Apple Support

Final Cut Pro X: Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts

Volume Absolute Control-Option-L Adjust the audio volume across all selected clips by the same dB value Adjust Volume Relative Control-L Add the selection to the end of the storyline Append to Storyline E Add the selected clip to the audition Audition: Add to Audition Control-Shift-Y Create an audition with a timeline clip and a duplicate version of the clip, including applied effects Audition: Duplicate as Audition Option-Y Duplicate the selected audition clip without applied effects Audition

Cameras supported by Final Cut Pro X

View all video cameras > View 360° video cameras >

About the security content of OS X Yosemite v10.10.4 and Security Update 2015-005

was addressed through improved memory handling. CVE-ID CVE-2015-3677 : an anonymous researcher working with HP's Zero Day Initiative AppleThunderboltEDMService Available for: OS X Yosemite v10.10 to v10.10.3 Impact: A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges Description: A memory corruption issue existed in the handling of certain Thunderbolt commands from local processes. This issue was addressed through improved memory handling. CVE-ID CVE-2015-3678 : Apple ATS

Logic Pro X: Glossary

lossless audio compression. alias A pointer to a MIDI region in the Tracks area. An alias doesn’t contain any MIDI data, but points to the data of the original MIDI region. You can create an alias by Option-Shift-dragging a MIDI region to a new location. An alias can’t be edited directly; however, any change to the original region also affects the alias. All Files Browser One of the browsers in the Browsers area used for file management and data import tasks. See also Browsers. allpass filter A filter

Q: All of my messages deleted randomly

All of the texts in my messages on my iPhone randomly deleted today. I just went and opened the messages app and it was completely empty. Is there a way to restore these messages back to my phone? I've tried signing in/out of iCloud, turning messages on/off, restarting my phone, etc. These messages are still on my Mac and iPad though, so I know they aren't gone. Is there anyway to restore them back to my iPhone? Doesn't iCloud save messages in backup?   Thanks!

Q: What do I do if my iPad won't charge and it won't turn on at all

It could be a few things.   Maybe your charger is bad. If you have access to another one , try that and see if you can get it to charge. Please note that if the battery is totally deprecate it may take an half hour or more for there be enough power for the device to boot up   Try a different cable. Same scenario as above but the charger is fine the cable bad and your battery drained   If you plug it into a computer does the computer ‘see’ it....is there a chime or indication from the computer

Q: How to view all unnamed faces

I'm trying to work out how to view all the unnamed faces in photos version 3.0 so that I can name them and have albums for the faces. At the moment the only way I can see how to do it is to go through each individual photo. I remember iPhoto having this feature. 

Q: how do i stop Imessage from capitalizing all letters of a proper name?

I am using an iPhone 5s with IOS 9.1 installed.  When I am typing a message in imessage the systems always capitalizes all the letters of a proper name. If I type the name Ashley, it auto corrects to ASHLEY.  If I type Gaby, it corrects to GABY.  The system seems to recognize first names and auto capitalizes only proper first names.  How can I get this to stop?

Q: How to reopen/recover all deleted tabs on Safari?

I forgot that when you hit 'Clear History and Website Data' in the settings, it deletes all tabs you had open on safari... is there a way to get all those tabs that I had opened back? I had around 90 of them and some were very important.   iPad Air 2 iOS 10.3.1   thanks

Q: Can I turn all of these stupid iMessage effects off?  I am not a 12 year old girl.

This has got to be the dumbest thing for people who use the phone in a professional environment.  Allow me the option to turn all this dumb stuff off on my end.   jeez

Q: There are several transactions on my iTunes that I did not purchase, and this has been going on for months! The only thing that should be purchased under my iTunes is Hulu, Netflix, and hbo now. I want all my money back please and thank you

1 ) This is not Apple, its a peer to peer discussion board, so you will end up having to contact Apple for help with any type of refunds.  Alternately you can contact your credit card company and report the charges.   2) Check to make sure you have actually cancelled any subscriptions you don't want.  Follow these instructions: View, change, or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support   3) Go to https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ or Contact Apple Support to request a refund for the other charges