The centerpiece of your corporate wellness program.

From practicing mindfulness to reaching fitness goals, wellness keeps employees healthy and energized. Apple Watch is designed to work seamlessly with your corporate wellness program so employees stay active, healthy, and productive throughout the day.

See how Apple uses Apple Watch for wellness.

Engage with your employees.

Wellness solutions your employees already know and love are available on Apple Watch. This makes it easier than ever for employees to set personalized health and fitness goals, participate in group challenges, and engage with your corporate wellness program.

A new approach to wellness.

Wellness is so much more than counting steps. It’s about empowering your employees to manage their fitness, health, and productivity without ever slowing them down. Now with Apple Watch, employees can stay productive and also monitor the small things that lead to an active, healthier lifestyle — a whole new and comprehensive take on wellness.

A holistic approach to fitness and activity tracking.

When employees stay active, they’re not just healthier, they’re more engaged and more productive. Apple Watch comes with the Activity app and Workout app built-in. The Activity app tracks daily activity while the Workout app supports dedicated workouts. Plus there are hundreds more available in the App Store.

Apps that support activity

Nike+ Run Club

Focus on your overall health.

With innovative apps that help monitor nutrition and mindfulness, Apple Watch helps you focus on overall health and not just activity. The Breathe app helps you stay centered and practice daily mindfulness. There are also a wide variety of third party apps to help manage your unique health needs.

Apps that support health


New ways to be productive at work.

With Apple Watch, information is always close at hand. Built‑in apps like Messages and Calendar allow for critical business communications and quick responses so you’ll never miss an important message or urgent meeting. And many of the business apps your employees know and love are available on Apple Watch.

Apps that drive productivity


Simple setup.

Make Apple Watch the centerpiece of your modern wellness program. Get started today with these three simple steps.


Offer Apple Watch.

Visit your local Apple Retail Store or contact the Apple Business team at 1-800-854-3680 to get started.


Pick a wellness solution.

Get in touch with a wellness provider. Virgin Pulse, Challenges, and Vitality are a few examples of wellness solutions already on Apple Watch.


Get up and running.

Setting up Apple Watch is easy. Each employee can schedule a one-to-one Online Personal Setup session with an Apple Specialist.*