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Need some help?

Customize your 21.5‑inch iMac.




The more memory you choose, the more apps you can run simultaneously with a higher rate of performance. More memory (RAM) increases performance and enables your iMac to perform better and at a higher speed.

The standard memory configuration is perfect for day-to-day tasks such as email, word processing, and web surfing, as well as complex tasks such as photo editing, creating illustrations, or building presentations.

If you’re working on large projects in professional applications like Logic Pro X or Final Cut Pro X, upgrading your memory will help them run at peak performance.

Note that the 21.5-inch iMac comes with 8GB of memory built into the computer. If you think you may need more memory in the future, it may be preferable to upgrade at the time of purchase. Memory can only be upgraded by an Apple Authorized Service Provider if you choose to upgrade at a later date.



Configure your iMac with a large Serial ATA hard drive, choose ultrafast SSD storage for incredible performance, or get the best combination of speed and capacity by selecting Fusion Drive.

SSD Storage

SSD storage delivers significantly improved performance compared to a traditional hard drive — speed you’ll notice when you start up your iMac, launch an app, or browse your photo library. SSD storage uses no moving parts, so it operates silently. For maximum performance, you can configure up to 1TB of storage on the 21.5-inch iMac or up to 2TB on the 27-inch iMac.

Fusion Drive

Fusion Drive combines speedy SSD storage with a high-capacity hard drive. macOS intelligently manages what goes where, using the SSD storage for files you access frequently and keeping the rest of your digital life on the roomier hard drive. Over time, the system learns how you work, so it tailors management of Fusion Drive to work best for you. You can choose a Fusion Drive of up to 1TB on the 21.5-inch iMac and up to 3TB on the 27-inch iMac.

The 1TB Fusion Drive pairs a 1TB hard drive with 32GB of fast SSD — enough to store important macOS files and applications to ensure fast startup, near instant wake from sleep, and quick application launching, with room left over for your most frequently used files and apps. The 2TB and 3TB Fusion Drives pair a larger hard drive with 128GB of fast SSD storage, providing even more space for your most frequently used files. For the best performance, iMac systems with 32GB or more of memory should be configured with a 2TB or larger Fusion Drive or all-SSD storage.

Note: 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Mouse or Trackpad

Mouse or Trackpad

Both Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 are wireless and rechargeable — so you won’t have to replace any batteries — and come paired with your iMac. Magic Mouse 2 comes standard with your iMac, or you can choose Magic Trackpad 2.

Magic Mouse 2

The design of Magic Mouse 2 lets it glide smoothly across your desk. And since it supports Multi‑Touch, you can use simple gestures on its surface to do things such as swipe between web pages and scroll through documents. So if you prefer using a wireless mouse but want some of the benefits of Multi-Touch, Magic Mouse 2 is a great choice.

Magic Trackpad 2

If you prefer using a trackpad, Magic Trackpad 2 gives you the full range of Multi‑Touch gestures and Force Touch technology to the desktop. Sensors underneath the trackpad surface detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply, bringing more functionality to your fingertips and enabling a deeper connection to your content. The design also features a low profile, making it extremely comfortable to use.


Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad available.


Magic Keyboard

The redesigned Magic Keyboard comes standard with your iMac. It’s wireless and rechargeable (so you won’t be replacing batteries), and its ultracompact, edge-to-edge design wastes no surface space. Magic Keyboard has full-size function keys and a low profile that increases control and comfort. And it pairs automatically with your iMac straight out of the box.

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad has an extended layout with document navigation controls for quick scrolling, full-size arrow keys and a numeric keypad. Like Magic Keyboard, it’s designed with a low profile for control and comfort. And the built-in, rechargeable battery lasts long enough to power your keyboard for about a month or more between charges.1

Keyboard Languages

You can configure your Mac with one of the keyboard languages listed.

macOS lets you choose your preferred language for use throughout the OS, including apps, menu bar, dialog boxes, and for reading and writing text. Select any of the languages supported by macOS during the setup process at any time using System Preferences.

1Testing conducted by Apple in April 2017 using preproduction Magic Keyboard devices, firmware, and software with shipping iMac systems. Testing consisted of full battery discharge while engaging the device on a paired iMac using automated equipment. Battery life depends on device settings, usage, and other factors.

Note: Your computer comes with documentation appropriate for the country in which you purchased it.

Pre-Installed Software

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a huge leap forward for professional video editing. Powerful media management features let you quickly browse, tag, and filter your files. The Magnetic Timeline offers customizable layouts and powerful editing tools that are designed for today’s all-digital workflows. And Final Cut Pro is optimized for macOS and the latest Mac hardware, so you can enjoy incredible performance on portable and desktop systems from import to delivery.

Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is an advanced music production application that gives you everything you need to create amazing music. Built around a modern interface, Logic Pro X includes a massive library of sounds and over 100 instrument and effect plug-ins, with a collection of features that make it easy to compose, record, edit, and mix professional-quality tracks. Use innovative features like Drummer, Smart Tempo, Flex Time, Flex Pitch, and MIDI plug-ins to add creativity and polish to your sessions. And with Logic Remote, you can play and produce using your iPad from anywhere in the room.

Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish