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Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0 Tactile Musical Interface for iOS and Mac

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Watch the video by Skoog

Skoog Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

The Skoog unleashing inner rockstars

A girl sits down to play her Skoog

A guitarist appears to her side like a genie appearing from the Skoog. She rocks alongside the guitarist whose movements replicate her playing. An animated moustache grows on the girl’s face.

An animated heavy rock band appears next to her, head banging as they play. A guitar playing bat appears, amps rise out of the floor and the Ace of Spades is drumming along in the back of the stage. They continue to play as the girl lifts the Skoog above her head, still playing as smoke rises around them and fills the screen./

A child with Down syndrome and his mom play Hip-Hop music

They’re scratching a hip-hop version of our track on his Skoog. The table animates as turntables and speakers appear, an animated MC appears who beat-boxes along as Salt and Peppa enter the stage. The music reaches a crescendo as our boy throws a record towards the screen.

A teenage boy playing a carnival tune on his Skoog

With every press a funky chicken appears, whose beak hoots along with the sound. We zoom out, instantly an animated carnival scene bursts into life around him and he’s riding on a Carnival float. The funky chicken gets in on the action by putting on carnival peacock feather outfit. A coconut plays steel drums as giant birds, flowers and tubas parade alongside him.

The screen splits into three sections and and all the children play together

A voice over says Play the music you love, straight out the box. Skoog - the musical instrument for everyone - unleash your inner rockstar!


  • Overview

    The Skoog device is an accessible, tactile cube that allows children with disabilities to explore creative opportunities available on iPad with GarageBand for iOS. Now anyone unable to play traditional instruments can join an orchestra or band and take part in a range of music-making activities. Skoog’s adjustable sensitivity and easy integration with GarageBand make it perfect for inclusive music activity.

    Used together, Skoog and iPad expand the potential of music therapy for young children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other developmental delays by offering hands-on opportunities to create and control sound expressively. Skoog’s sensory-friendly tactile nature helps greatly in developing new skills and promoting physical interaction with technology. For instance, Skoog’s immediate sensory input can motivate young people with autism to explore iPad functions.

    Skoog and GarageBand on iPad let students compose and perform their own music without the need for keyboard, guitar, or other traditional instrumental skills. They can poke, squeeze, and press Skoog and it provides physical stimulation and acoustic feedback that plays instruments on iPad. The automatic key-detection in the Skoog app also lets anyone “jam” along with favorite songs in their iTunes media library using the instrument sounds in GarageBand and other MIDI apps. Students can also use Swift to write their own code for configuring or controlling Skoog.

    Skoog is lightweight and portable, making it easy to set up and use. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth LE or to your Mac via USB and comes with its own free app (available from the App Store). Or you can use it as a controller for other MIDI-compatible music apps.


    Skoog connects wirelessly to iPad using the free Skoog app

    Adjustable sensitivity

    Integration with iTunes

    Key detection

    Lets you play GarageBand instruments using the dynamic touch interface

    Plays the sounds of different instruments, using any CoreMIDI compatible apps

    Tactile, intuitive, and robust

    Underside works with a suction mount for securing it in easily accessible positions

    Built-in guided access mode to hide on-screen menus and enable users to focus on playing

    Suitable for MLD, SLD and PMD, children with global delay, genetic conditions, sensory impairments, or Autism

    What’s in the Box

    Skoog 2.0 tactile music interface

    Micro USB cable

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Connections: USB, Wireless

    Power Source: Battery power

    Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion

    Battery life: More than 10 hours of continuous play.

    Charge Time: Approximately 3 hours.

    Height: 5.91 in./15 cm

    Length: 5.12 in./13 cm

    Width: 5.12 in./13 cm

    Weight: 1.3 lb./585 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 712323921831


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    Warranty: One-year limited

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