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Apple Support phone number

Need the phone number for Applecare technical support or customer service? Find the worldwide list of Apple Support phone numbers, including United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and India. Before you call, have your serial number ready.

macOS Sierra: Use a Bluetooth headset with your Mac

is automatically used as the sound input and output device for your computer. If the Bluetooth status icon isn’t visible, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Bluetooth, then select “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.” SEE ALSO If your Bluetooth headset isn’t working Pair with a Bluetooth device

macOS Sierra: If your Bluetooth headset isn’t working

If your Bluetooth headset isn’t working If you’re having trouble using a Bluetooth enabled headset , try the following. Make sure the headset is turned on and in range. Make sure the headset is paired with your Mac. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. Check to see if your headset is in the list of devices. If your headset isn’t in the list, try pairing with it again. See the documentation that came with your headset for information about pairing your headset

Q: How come I still can't connect my Bluetooth headset to my Apple Watch I followed all the instructions and still won't connect

Why can't my Apple Watch pair with my Bluetooth head set I followed all directions and it still won't work 

Q: Bluetooth Headset Paring with 2011 iMac

Can I pair my bluetooth headset to listen to iTunes with my 2011 iMac?

Q: iphone6 doesn't find bose bluetooth headset

Just got the iphone6. My bose headset worked fine with my old 4S, but the 6 doesn't see it.  I've tried everything..rebooting, verified latest updates with both devices. Is there a known compatibility issue? The closest I've gotten is ' headset ' appears on the iPhone bluetooth screen, but when I click it the pairing is unsuccessful. On the 4S, it would read ..bose headset.., and it would pair successfully when I tapped it. I'm beginning to think it is an issue with just this phone

Buy an iPhone Charger - Apple Store (U.S.)

Find cables, charging docks and external batteries for iPhone. Charge and sync up your iPhone. Buy online with fast, free shipping.

Messages for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Learn more about sending and receiving text messages, photos, personal effects and more with the Messages app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Find My iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch

Turn on Find My iPhone on your Apple devices. If your devices go missing, Find My iPhone app or can help you find them again.

Q: My Apple IPhone 8 isn’t receiving emails on the YahooMail App.. I’ve contacted my carrier. I was told to contact Apple

My Apple IPhone 8 isn’t receiving emails on the YahooMail App.. I’ve contacted my carrier. I was told to contact Apple

Q: I will be turning off my apple phone when we go on a 7 day cruise. How will this affect my apple watch?

This is a general question. I will be turning off my i- phone while on a 7 day cruise. What steps do I need to take so that this does not affect my apple watch?

Q: Managing Apple Music from a non-Apple phone

I bought Apple Music for my family last year as a gift, and have since then switched to a Samsung phone since that is what my new work situation demanded.   The issue is that I can't manage my Apple Music subscription from my Samsung phone and there appears to be no way to do this from a web site. So, when my daughter accidentally left the family group, I was unable to add her back in.   How do I fix this? Is there an Android Apple Music app that will let me manage my account?   Thanks

Q: iphone 6 plus does not charge with new apple iphone chord

My iPhone 6 Plus will not charge with my new apple iPhone chord, but it charges with the apple iPhone chord I already have, what is wrong with it?

Q: Can i use an apple watch without an apple phone? i do have an ipad

I'm thinking of buying my son an Apple Watch but he does not have a phone only an iPad. Will it be possible to have full use of the watch without an iPhone ? 

Q: my apple iPhone 6 is stuck on the apple logo and also is not recognised on itunes

My apple iPhone 6 is stuck on the apple logo. After conecting it to iTunes it is not recognised there either. Can you pleas help me?

Q: How can I delete Apps from a Apple Iphone SE phone ?

My question is how do I delete my unwanted Apps on my Apple IPhone SE?

Q: Phone,SE,Awful,problems,sending,texts,to,people,without,Apple,phones

I want to send texts to people who use both Apple and non Apple phones . I want to type messages on my MacBook Air and use the phone direct to send texts. It is clear that sending texts to people not using iPhones is very difficult because they are not registered. What is this all about?

Q: New apple iphone 7 messages not appearing on both phone and iPad as they did with old phon?

New iPhone 7messages not appearing on both iPhone and iPad. No problem previous,y with 6?

Q: I have an issue with my apple phone I-Phone X

The issue is with downloading apps from apple store. As seen in the attached picture after I try to download any app, I see " Double click to install" as seen in the picture but I cannot double click. The pop up to double click is hidden and does not come in center when I try to swipe. I believe this has to do with the display of Iphone -x or the swipe not working properly. I opened a case with apple ( case number 100347728447 ) but the agent troubleshooting did not understand the issue at all

Q: I forgot my apple iPhone encrypt password, or it is not recognizing my last encrypt iPhone backup password. How do I get it back or reset it?

I forgot my apple iphone encrypt password, or it is not recognizing my last encrypt password. How do I get it back or reset it?

Q: how to tell which apple iphone you are currently using

Read here: Identify your iPhone model - Apple Support

Q: is apple iphone 7 plus water resistant and if yes upto what depth

Is apple iphone 7 plus water proof and up to how many metres and how many minutes

Q: how much does it cost to get your Apple iPhone 8plus replaced

Hello my name is Timothy I live in Longview Washington and I have a question regarding my apple IPhone 8plus and I just recently bought it and I have already cracked the screen we'll sort of the lcd does not work so there for the phone will not read my fingerprints and also the back part of the casing on the phone is popped out up towards the notification button I was wanting to know how much it would be to get it workerd on by Apple or how much it would cost to just get a replacement

Q: how to unlock an apple iphone 6 from at&t

how to unlock an apple iphone 6 from at&t

Q: Do you have to buy a data plan for a series 3 watch or does it also work like the series 2 if you have your Apple phone with you?

Does a series 3 watch also work without a data plan if your phone is on you?

Q: Hi ,  I just bought your Apple iPhone 8 plus yesterday  and I am getting a problem in ear speaker when I am calling someone the call voice quality is very bad and volume is very low please tell me how I can clear this problem

See these support documents.   If you can't hear a person on a call or voicemail or if the sound isn't clear on your iPhone - Apple Support   If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

Q: Where to Get an Original Apple iPhone Battery in Saudi Arabia from Makkah

You can get an Apple battery put in your iPhone at an Apple Store or an authorized service provider. They do not sell them to the public.

Q: Apple iPhone X touchscreen not working

New iPhone X bought today is not responsive. Really bad to realize that with no other option apart from swiping I am stranded not able to use my phone .  If I am in an emergency situation not sure what I would have done. 

Q: Apple Iphone 6S plus

Hello,  Hope you are doing good, Actually i need to know do you have any facility in Oman country to change my Iphone 6s plus battery. My phone is out of warranty.  I need your help asap. If you have any charges i can pay. But i just want to get the new battery from only apple store. Can you change my battery as in new ? 

Q: How does it work the apple iPhone upgrade program?

How does it work? What I have to do ? After the 2 years I have two return my iPhone to get a new one ??

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