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Apple Support phone number

Need the phone number for Applecare technical support or customer service? Find the worldwide list of Apple Support...

macOS Sierra: Use a Bluetooth headset with your Mac

Use a Bluetooth enabled headset for audio input and output.

macOS Sierra: If your Bluetooth headset isn’t working

If you are having trouble using a Bluetooth enabled headset , try these tips.

Q: My Bluetooth wireleas headset will not pair w/my iPhone 5

How can I pair my iPhone 5 with my wireless headset? headsets not showing up on phone ???

Buy an iPhone Charger - Apple Store (U.S.)

Find cables, charging docks and external batteries for iPhone . Charge and sync up your iPhone . Buy online with fast...

Messages for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

on your iPhone , iPad, and Apple Watch.

Find My iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch

Turn on Find My iPhone on your Apple devices. If your devices go missing, Find My iPhone app or can help...

Q: How do I access my Apple contacts when I don't have the Apple phone anymore

Contacts from my old Apple phone when this phone is not Apple

Q: someone gave me an apple phone as a gift but there is a lock on it when ever i try to unlock it it requests for an apple ID and a password which i dont know so what should i do

Pls help me unlock my apple phone

Q: I can't seem to send an iMessage to a non apple phone. My phone number doesn't show up under the accounts page under imessage preferences. What should I do?

I am trying to send an iMessage to a non apple phone . I see that I am supposed to check my phone number on the accounts...

Q: Does the Apple iPhone 8 also charge with the cord as well as the pad that is wireless does it charge both ways and do you use the same charging forward as you do for the iPhone 6

Does the iPhone 8 also charge with the cord as well as the cordless pad and can you use the same cord as the iPhone 6...

Q: I just updated my apple iphone 6 but its stuck  to connect to iphone  after getting updated

If you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch -

Q: Hi , I bought an Apple iPhone 7 Plus from a 3rd party and all is well except her name and email still hooked up to the phone

Need to transfer an Apple ID / email/ iCloud from a third party to me 

Q: How to stop I tunes after stopping use of apple phone

How to stop I tunes after stopping use of apple phone

Q: I recently gave my brother my Sim card for my old Apple phone I think he has my account information what can I do

I recently gave my brother my Sim card for my old Apple phone I think he has my account information what can I do...

Q: How can I backup my apple iPhone to my pc instead of iCloud?

How can I backup my apple iPhone to my pc instead of iCloud? I have a reg dell pc running windows 10?

Q: how can i find my apple iphone

how can i find i phone anyone how help me to find out my phone

Q: How to forgot iCloud on Apple Phone?

We have an iPhone , and forgot password from iCloud and we don’t remember answers for secret questions. How we can exist...

Q: My apple iPhone has become out of order in November 2017. Kindly give me a new one

Systematix media Kolkata is demanding huge money beyond my capacity. It is not desirable also as this iPhone was bought...

Q: Why is it I can press the power key on my weak, security mindless Android & quickly hang up calls, but we are having to wait forever to get back this same feature that’s been a staple of convenience with all my Apple phones since forever?

When I press the lock button my phone hangs up.

Q: I have an apple iphone 5c that is disabled

Try following this procedure as much as possible:   If you can't update or restore your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch...

Q: I have the pandora app on my Apple phone

View, change, or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support iTunes Store - Contact Us - Apple Support   This is a user...

Q: Can’t send email from Apple iPhone or iPad can receive just not send. One is yahoo email the other is reagan neither one will send

Can’t send email from Apple iPhone or iPad, can receive email just not send. Yahoo and reagan

Q: I purchase Iwatch series3 and I have apple iPhone 5s isit support for 5s

I purchase iwatch series3 and I have iPhone 5s isit support for it?

Q: Apple iphone 7

Bilgim dışında yapılan bu alışveriş bana ait olmadığı gibi apple nin hala güvenlik açığının olduğu ve kesinlikle

Q: I just upgraded to an Apple iPhone 8 Plus and O cannot receive emails

IOS 11

Use the Apple TV App on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Continue to watch your favorite shows and movies, discover new content, and find new video apps. With the Apple TV App...

Q: please help me remove Omni point miami Llc, they have hacked into all my iphones and Apple MacAnd iphones

Mac computer and all 4 of my iPhones and my smart tv!  This omnipotent has hacked into everything and I need

Q: my iphone 6s plus screenshots when pushing home key. it constantly sends me to honescreen or black screen w/o pushing any buttons. will never buy another apple product. phone is basically useless 3200 screenshots & counting.....

it. If nothing changes, have your iphone inspected at the nearest Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider: Apple - Find Locations...

Q: Can’t pair my Apple Watch phone keeps saying not updated but I have the latest iOS 11.2.6

Help I can’t pair my Apple Watch iPhone keeps saying not update but I have iOS 11.2.6

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